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Rosca de Reyes with this doll could be toxic- Uno TV

Make sure that the rosca de Reyes has not been baked with the baby Yodas inside. Photo: Cuartoscuro

If you are thinking of buying one rosca de reyes with the famous dolls of baby Yoda inside, be careful, well Baking a bread with these figures inside could make the food toxic.

Mario Rivera González is a Facebook user dedicated to the sale of 3D printed products. Since December, it has been added to the production of figures of baby Yoda for rosca de Reyes.

In the social media post where you sell these dolls made of polylactic acid (PLA) notes that they are not suitable to put in the oven nor for small children.

You introduce them in your rosca de Reyes already baked”.

Mario Rivera González, manufacturer of 3D printed products

Though the seller assures that the PLA is not a toxic component, there are those who do not share this idea.

In the last hours, the warning of a Facebook user named Paco Jedistrong has gone viral, as he assures that using baby Yoda figures for the Rosca de reyes can be dangerous.

“I do not know people who manufacture PLA in food grade and, if the baking is done after inserting the doll, safe baking may initiate degradation of the material, and the products of this degradation will disperse in the thread of Kings

Paco Jedistrong

What is polylactic acid (PLA)?

PLA is a material derived from the fermentation of glucose.

“Many people support the manufacture of decorative and collectible pieces with this material because they have given it the category of biodegradable; this is true IF AND ONLY IF the material is subjected to the composting process, where fermentation exceeds 58-62 ° C and in the absence of atmospheric oxygen

Paco Jedistrong

Baby Yoda is not regulated to be introduced to the rosca de reyes

Karen Ceballos Guzmán, a chemistry graduate and graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained to that The risk in the commercialization of baby Yoda figures is that they are not regulated, as is food grade high density polymer.

Unlike the traditional dolls of the rosca de reyes, this character from the saga of Star Wars can be manufactured on a homemade 3D printer, so It is unknown if the baby Yoda are made with some other material that ensures their resistance to heat and that could be harmful to health.

“With the baby Yoda It is the same as with plastic containers to store food, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, because some materials release toxic substances when in contact with heat”.

Karen Ceballos Guzmán, a chemist graduated from UNAM

The recommendation would be: make sure that the baby Yoda dolls have been inserted into your rosca de Reyes after baking, if they were made with a 3D printer.

  • If the figures are made with the same material that God children make, you don’t have to worry.

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