Rosario reported 492 new cases of the 1,488 reported by the province of Santa Fe

For its part, the city of Santa Fe continues to deliver a high number of new cases of coronavirus with the 277 infections reported in the last 24 hours.

The 492 new infections is a much higher number than in the last business days when around 350 infections were reported. In fact, you have to go back to the last week of October and the first week of November to find figures similar to those of this Tuesday.

Within this framework, there were already five provinces that implemented new restrictions due to the increase in coronavirus cases. Thus, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Santa Fe, La Pampa and Corrientes took measures to avoid a second wave of infections as happened in Europe. In fact, in the province of Santa Fe, the city of Tostado returned to phase 1 to stop the increase in infections.

Some of this already began to be evident in the last days of December when an increase in the number of infections was perceived, beyond the fact that December was the month that reported the fewest cases of the last four, with 7,321 infections. This number contrasts markedly with the values ​​of the previous months, and marks a downward trend, although the numbers of the last days, in which the cases increased again, are worrying. In this context, it must be said that December registered the lowest number of positives, with 7,321 against the 11,842 registered in November. The maximum peak of the pandemic so far in Rosario occurred in October, when 27,631 cases were reported, at an average of 890 cases per day, even surpassing September (17,267) when the curve was steadily rising.

However, and beyond the fact that these numbers mark a smoothing in the Covid contagion curve, there is one aspect to follow closely and that is that in the last week (from Monday 28 to Sunday 3 January) there were again more infections (1,853) than recovered patients (1,464). This situation was repeated in three of the last four weeks, and it is something that has not occurred for several weeks.

In fact and to pay for this aspect, the relevant data is that in November there were more people recovered from Covid (14,403) than those who were infected in the city (12,000).

Cases entered a plateau

Despite the increase that is being registered in some places and the numbers this Tuesday, the cases are still on a plateau still in Rosario, although with some small variables from one week to the next. Of course, we will have to see what happens with the numbers in the following days to see how the virus evolves. But this is how things, for example, while this Tuesday there were 492 cases, on Tuesday, December 29, 259 had been reported, on Tuesday, December 22, they were 222 positive and a week before there were 155 infections. That is to say that, beyond some specific variation, in recent weeks there is still a decrease in the contagion curve, although with numbers that remain high.

If it is broken down by weeks, in the last four weeks there is also a clear overlap with similar numbers, with the exception of the last week that infections rose a little. In fact, in the last week (from Monday, December 28 to Sunday, January 3) there were 1,853 cases, a week before (from Monday 21 to Sunday 27) there were 1,330 positives; the week from Monday, December 14 to Sunday, December 20), 1,574 cases were registered, while in the week of Monday, December 7 to Sunday, December 13, 1,318 infections were reported.

The data that continues to contrast markedly with this is that the number of deaths from Covid remains high, since the province notified the death of 42 people this Tuesday, 20 of which correspond to the city of Rosario. The total number of fatalities due to coronavirus in Santa Fe amounts to 2,998 people, and in Rosario there are already 1,602.

The following localities also reported many cases:

  • 48 by Rafaela
  • One-Eyed Deer 46
  • Reconquista 39
  • 37 of Santo Tomé
  • 32 Roasted
  • Ceres 27
  • Hope 26
  • 20 from Avellaneda
  • 19 of San Jerónimo North
  • Sunchales 17
  • Border 15
  • 14 from Funes
  • 13 of Arroyo Seco
  • 12 of Villa Constitución
  • Nelson 11
  • 11 of San Cristóbal
  • 10 St. George
  • 10 of Villa Trinidad
  • 9 of Granadero Baigorria
  • 9 by Humberto Primo
  • 9 of Santa Isabel
  • 8 of Laguna Paiva
  • 8 of Recess
  • 8 of San Carlos Center
  • 7 by Llambi Campbell
  • 7 de Murphy
  • 7 of Santa Clara de Buena Vista

There are 10,792 active Covid patients in the province, while 166,507 people recovered.

In the province, 339,982 notifications were registered, of which 135,088 were discarded.

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