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Ronaldo Prieto suffers dramatic knockout for a ball against Chivas

The Santos Laguna player had to leave the field of play, after suffering a strong impact on his face

GUADALAJARA – The defender of Santos Laguna, Ronaldo Prieto, ended his participation in the match before Chivas at minute 53, after being knocked out after a hard hit from the ball in the face after a center by Uriel Antuna.

In a play down the right wing, Uriel Antuna reached the baseline and after sending the cross, the ball hit the face of the Santos Laguna defender, which is why he collapsed on the pitch.

After falling to the grass, Uriel Antuna He approached to try to revive the rival defender and his teammates called for the assists, which quickly placed him in a recovery position when they saw that there was no reaction from the player after the strong impact.

Upon receiving medical attention, the player took about a minute to react, so they immediately requested the change and it was removed in the car of assistance.

During the assists, the fans of the Guadalajara he booed and whistled at the player Santos considering that he was doing time; the place of Ronaldo Prieto was taken by Carlos Emilio Orrantia to resume the actions.

About 10 minutes later the player remained under medical care before being transported by ambulance to a hospital.

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