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Ronald Koeman explodes against the refereeing of the classic

Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach, did not hide his anger at the end of the game with the defeat for his team against Real Madrid, and still acknowledging his team’s own mistakes “in the first half”, although highlighting that they faced a rival “very defensive “He complained very bitterly about the refereeing, especially about, in his opinion,” a very clear penalty to Braithwaite that was not whistled. “

The Barça coach began, before the cameras of Movistar Plus showing an undisguised displeasure with a complaint without dissimulation. “If you are from Barça you have to be hot and unhappy about two decisions of the referee. I only ask a referee to get his decisions right. The penalty is very clear. We have to shut up and that’s it” Koeman resolved, without forgetting the time that he The referee added at 90 minutes: “The extra time of four minutes, when the referee was two minutes because of his shoulder … I don’t know the reason.”

Minutes later, in the press room, the Dutch coach’s speech was equally outraged. “The penalty is very clear, everyone has seen it and I do not understand that a lineman who is ten meters away does not see it. The referee may not have been able to see it, but there is a VAR for situations like this, to help the players. referees because the referee cannot see everything, “he stressed, without wanting to go further but without stopping to do so.

“I am not the only one who is like this. The players feel sad about the referee’s decision. There are players who have been at Barça for many years and I don’t know how they should feel again,” he said, noting that “I’ve also been a Barça player. “and preferring from there to close the topic. “Better not talk more. We lost the game, we tried until the last moment, with the Ilaix crossbar … But it was a penalty. I no longer want to comment on this issue. I have already said what I have to say; I defend to my team, to my club, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. “

Regarding the game and the Barça game, Koeman explained that he faced a rival “with many behind … It is easier to defend with many behind than to risk like us, but it is true that in the first half we have not been well, we have not defended well, we have left spaces that we did not find in attack and we did not hit the last pass. We arrived well but we did not create danger. “

“They defended well with so many players and came out well on the counterattack, that we didn’t know how to defend well in the first half. When we played against a team that defends so far back and we lack depth, without spaces … Dembélé had a couple of

occasions that it was not successful and we must improve in the last pass “recognized the Barcelona coach, who did not want to give up the League for loss.

“There is much left. We have fought and lost against a rival who also fights for the League but there are nine games left; each game for the three of us will be difficult and we will fight in all the remaining games,” he declared, warning that from now on the important thing is ” to think that we can win a title next week and we have to focus on that. “

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