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Romina Manguel left the Rosario Ayerdi crossing for the Carolina Píparo case

When in the middle of July Romina Manguel left Stray animals, the cycle that Luis Novaresio led until the end of 2020, it was said that his departure was linked to problems of coexistence with some of his, at that time, colleagues.

She herself denied it in dialogue with Clarín, and made special emphasis on denying any type of friction with who at that time had joined the staff, the journalist Rosario Ayerdi.

“They want to generate a mine problem, with Rosario Ayerdi I think I shared a single program, I don’t know her, I hadn’t seen her in my life. It’s so unfair,” Manguel complained, questioning the macho look that was given to the subject.

Six months later, Romina surprised Twitter when leaving the crossing of a controversial message that Ayerdi had written in relation to one of the weekend news: the police episode that involved the provincial deputy Carolina Píparo and her husband in the city of La Plata.

A few hours after the event occurred, while investigators were doing their work in the city of diagonals, Ayerdi surprised by launching an explosive tweet on their networks.

“Píparo became a deputy of Together for Change due to a tragedy. Politics used the murder of her baby to put her on a La Plata ballot. In these years La Plata’s people will not find projects that he has promoted and benefit them but today there are victims of La Plata and it’s not her, “wrote the panelist from America.

The repercussion around his reflection was immediately noticed, receiving criticism of all kinds, both for and against. But the one who surprised by the tone of his response was Manguel, who did not let what his former partner said.

“Now yes: everything solved. Journalism”, sentenced with ironic tone the host of RM, his series of interviews on Sunday nights at A24, which in its first broadcast of the year will have Miguel Pichetto as a guest.

The journalist Romina Manguel, without concessions against her colleague Rosario Ayerdi.

The journalist Romina Manguel, without concessions against her colleague Rosario Ayerdi.

“The place that information does not occupy is always taken by speculation. The Carolina Píparo case is a great example. Opinions without data are in glory,” the journalist added later.

For now, the round trip, brief but forceful, was there. Or at least that is what was publicly exposed.

It is not the first time that Manguel stars in an episode of these on Twitter, saying what he feels, without a filter: a facet of his personality that is highly celebrated on social networks.

But this behavior is also transferred to real life, where, for example, recently he crossed paths with Aníbal Fernández, on the occasion of a program of PH, we can talk.

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