Romell Broom survived her own execution and may now have died of Covid-19

US-Häftling Romell Broom
He survived his own execution – and may now have died of Covid-19

Romell Broom (Photov)

Decades of Death Row on Ohio State Prison: Romell Broom (archive photo)

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An Ohio state inmate who survived an attempted execution by injection of poison 11 years ago has now died of possible complications from coronavirus infection.

Actually, Romell Broom’s life was supposed to end on September 15, 2009: on that day, the US state of Ohio attempted to execute the then 53-year-old by a lethal injection. But the execution had to be broken off after two hours because the executioners were unable to find a suitable vein for lethal injection on the man’s arms, legs, elbows or wrists and ankles even after 18 attempts and Broom was already screaming in pain.

Now the corona virus may have done what the Ohio authorities failed: Broom is dead. The convicted killer died on Monday at the age of 64, according to the Associated Press news agency. Possible cause of death: the coronavirus.

Romell Broom fought against a second execution

According to the report, spokeswoman Sara French said that Broom was put on a list of people suspected of having died of Covid-19 until a death certificate was available. According to the state, 124 prisoners have already fallen victim to confirmed or probable corona infections. One death row inmate was currently demonstrably infected with Sars-CoV-2 and 55 others had tested positive, but then recovered.

Since his unsuccessful execution, Broom had fought a second execution. His final date of execution was originally scheduled for June, but in the spring, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine granted a reprieve and rescheduled for March 2022.

Broom survived the 2009 execution “only to live with mounting fear and concern that the same process would be used on him the next time he was executed,” lawyers Timothy Sweeney and Adele Shank said after his 64th death -Year-olds. “Let his demise this way, and not in the execution chamber, be the last word on whether a second attempt should ever have been considered.”

Broom had been sentenced to death in 1985 for kidnapping 14-year-old Tryna M. on the way home from a football game in Cleveland a year earlier, and later raping and murdering her.

Ohio is currently on hold of the death penalty pending lawmaking a method other than lethal injection. Governor DeWine, when he took office last year, imposed what he called an “unofficial moratorium” on executions due to recurring problems getting pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to the state for the lethal injections.

Swell: Associated Press,, The Public’s Radio

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