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Rodríguez Larreta awaits Fernández’s decree for …

While several provinces and cities put into effect new protocols that are in tune with the night-time sanitary restriction proposed by the national government, the City of Buenos Aires analyzes insisting with information and awareness campaigns to reduce circulation and spread of covid-19.

Possible measures were analyzed during a meeting by videoconference headed by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, infected of coronavirus and isolated at home.

There they talked about “Wait for what the Nation decides by decree” in the next few hours. Once this happens, what President Alberto Fernández decides “will be accompanied by the City,” said Buenos Aires government sources cited by Télam.

For now, the strategies revolve around the criteria highlighted yesterday by the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, who spoke of reduce contagion rates that climbed over the last few weeks in the city and across the country.

What was discussed were not measures in tune with the nighttime restriction proposed by the national government, which consists of limiting circulation from midnight to early morning. What the Juntos por el Cambio officials think is “Recover the social and civic responsibility that we knew how to have” in the first months of isolation, indicated the same source.

Meanwhile The tasks of tracking infected people, isolation, patient monitoring and testing will be reinforced, especially of people who return from vacation on the coast or any other part of the country, where the level of infections is high.

The key is reduce social encounters throughout the Buenos Aires area, where public squares were the epicenter of massive gatherings of young people who met to celebrate Christmas and New Years, without respecting basic prevention guidelines, such as wearing masks and keeping social distance.

The evaluation is clear: there was a relaxation due to the end of the year holidays, due to fatigue due to the duration of the pandemic and due to the decrease in cases in recent months.

Nothing is defined yet. But it is known that the macrista administration distances itself from the restrictions on circulation, and reinforces it with the argument that the occupation of the health system continues to be stable and the contagiousness rates are not yet in the red.

While, Rodríguez Larreta “is fine” and “last night he had some headaches, but he continues with his routine habitual work from home, with meetings via Zoom and by phone ”. It is estimated that he will remain isolated for nine more days, spokespersons for the Buenos Aires government told Télam.

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