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Rodríguez Larreta announced that he will not go to the meeting called by the Government for the funds for the Police

“First of all, I want to express that we are prevented from attending the proposed meeting as established by article 2 of this law since we have judicially raised the unconstitutionality of the same”, indicates the text.

In the letter, Rodríguez Larreta stated that the “City of Buenos Aires has promoted dialogue and agreement as mechanisms to achieve consensus”, but considered that in this case “The pre-existing agreements were unilaterally set aside and therefore this Law violates the bases of the federalism of concertation that it seeks to promote.”

In addition, he stressed that the law “manifestly violates the autonomy of the City of Buenos Aires since the signing of the Federal Police transfer agreement carried out in 2016 was sufficient to consolidate the transfer of powers and security functions without the need for a additional rule “.

In another section of it, he explained that “the invitation to the agreement within a period of 60 days is a simulation that the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires cannot and must not validate. Not only because an agreement had already been signed with the National Government and it was being executed, but because, even if they had wanted to modify the established conditions, the negotiation had to be prior and consensual and then, in case of agreement, request legislative approval ” .

Rodríguez Larreta recalled that the presentation made by the City before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and he reiterated that the law is “unconstitutional and damages the democratic institutions of our country.”

We hope to find an alternative through an open, honest and good faith dialogue, such as the one we have promoted from day one to resolve any differences. And always within a framework of legality, transparency and institutionality that, according to our convictions, are fundamental values ​​”, he closed.

Last Tuesday, December 29, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, and his Economy counterpart, Martín Guzmán, had summoned the head of the Buenos Aires government to meet to “agree on the resources for the operation of the Police” within the framework of the conformation of a bilateral commission to “reach a consensual agreement on the transfer of powers and security functions to the orbit of the City, as established by the new Law.”



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