Roberto Baradel is hospitalized in La Plata for coronavirus

Roberto Baradel
Roberto Baradel

Suteba’s union leader, Roberto Baradel, remains hospitalized at the Italian Hospital in La Plata after testing positive for coronavirus, according to union sources confirmed to Infobae.

The secretary general of Suteba and leader of the CTA entered the health center on December 28 last and since then has been isolated in a room for patients with Covid-19 and under periodic controls.

“He was hospitalized once he presented symptoms, a fever punctually. You are now in good spirits and responding well to treatment. He does not need oxygen, nor is he in intensive care, he is in an isolation room “, they told Infobae sources close to Baradel.

In the last hours, the union leader published a message on social networks addressed to teachers in the Province of Buenos Aires. “I want to express my appreciation and admiration to all the teaching staff of the Province and the entire country for guaranteeing the continuity of all learning and for delivering food modules in a very difficult context such as the pandemic,” Baradel said in his message end of the year.

And he continued: “Unity, organization and strength are fundamental, that is why we were able to have joint associations, public events and, in the context of so many losses, preserve rights. This is a core value: prioritize the defense of public education and workers ”.

Since the pandemic began, Baradel has been active and participated in numerous meetings. On previous occasions, he had had to remain isolated due to close coronavirus contacts.

Until, they reported, on Monday he presented symptoms compatible with coronavirus and underwent a swab, which finally confirmed that he had been infected. Then, had a high fever and he went to the health center, where he was admitted so that specialists can follow his picture closely.

Baradel had to be hospitalized after presenting a high fever.  (Gustavo Gavotti)
Baradel had to be hospitalized after presenting a high fever. (Gustavo Gavotti)

The positive case of the unionist appears amid a rebound in Covid-19 infections in the country. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that during the last 24 hours 145 deaths and 11,765 new positive cases of COVID-19 were registered. With these data, the total number of infected amounts to 1,613,928 and the fatalities total 43,163.

Due to the rise in positive cases, President Alberto Fernández Yesterday he thawed the usual photo of the beginning of the pandemic and received the head of the City Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof at the Olivos Presidential House. The meeting was shorter than those at the beginning of the strict quarantine, but it signaled the concern that exists at the top of political power about an increase in coronavirus cases that were expected later.

The three leaders agreed that there is a relaxation as a result of the general tiredness of the citizens and an equivocal feeling that the worst of the pandemic is over. The yellow lights came on when massive concentrations began to take place in public spaces, such as the farewell to Diego Maradona in downtown Buenos Aires and the River caravan two years before the Madrid final, and they turned red last week, when the curve accelerated again after the Christmas meetings and the traditional dinners to say goodbye to the year.

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