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Roberta Jacobson steps down as US Southern Border Coordinator | International

Roberta Jacobson, at the White House, on March 10.
Roberta Jacobson, at the White House, on March 10.TOM BRENNER / Reuters

The White House has reported this Friday that Roberta Jacobson will leave the position of coordinator of the southern border at the end of April. The veteran diplomat’s departure occurs when there is a peak in unaccompanied migrant children arriving from Mexico. A couple of weeks ago, US President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Karris to manage the migratory flow on the southern border of the United States, which has skyrocketed since the Democratic duo came to power.

The statement released by the White House emphasizes that Jacobson will thus fulfill “his initial commitment to serve in the first 100 days of the Administration.” The decision resonates because the border situation is experiencing a growing crisis. In February 9,297 children and adolescents arrived, an increase of 98% compared to October (4,690). In March the figure rose to 18,800. The fiscal year of 2021, which in the United States runs from October 2020 to September of the current one, is on the way to breaking all recent records considering all age groups.

On March 24, Biden appointed Harris as the person in charge of the conversations with the authorities of Mexico and the countries of the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) to stop the migratory flow on the southern border of the United States. ” When he speaks, he speaks for me ”, said the president when announcing the new task of his number two. On January 18, when Jacobson’s appointment was made public, it was said that she would be in charge of leading that effort.

Biden’s special assistant was known as the “border czar” on the National Security Council. The National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, said after the news broke that the diplomat’s work “has been an invaluable contribution to the Biden-Harris Administration and the United States.” Jacobson was Washington’s highest representative in Mexico between 2016 and 2018. She resigned from her ambassador position due to disagreements with former Republican President Donald Trump.

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