‘Roadside Memorials’: an original Spanish idea to honor (and avoid) traffic victims

‘Roadside Memorials’: an original Spanish idea to honor (and avoid) traffic victims

How many memorials are there on all the roads in Spain? How many are there in the whole European Union? Where are they? What story is behind each of them? Are any of them a risk to drivers? Will the gutter crossings become the best road safety campaign? This is what they wonder in ‘Roadside Memorials’, an original Spanish idea to honor and avoid traffic victims and that is inspired by the many particular tributes that are multiplied on the roads of the world after any accident. Now, he is looking for financing to become a reality and that many people benefit from his interesting objectives.

As explained on their website, the initiative seeks, on the one hand, to create a different and innovative way of accompany in the duel to the families and relatives of the victims of an accident; on the other hand, to publicize the personal history of the deceased, his images, details of his life … so that his memory remains and is something more than one of the many photographs or wreaths of flowers in better or worse state of conservation that are in the road network, without deteriorating with the time and with absolute control and personalized of your loved ones.

And finally, at a later stage, it is also claimed that the fact of give more visibility these tragic events can serve, at least, for something positive: avoid further losses to regret in the future by highlighting these ‘black spots’ and, in turn, that there is the option that the memorials, if the interested parties so wish, they can be part of future campaigns road safety.

But for now, in addition to developing and shaping the initiative to communicate it well, all efforts have focused on get financing necessary through crowdfunding that allows it to be launched through an application.

An app for remembrance and prevention

“We have spent two years developing an application with the help of the Association P (A) T [de Prevención de Accidentes de Tráfico] and, when we have obtained the financing, we want to continue polishing the entire process to create a service that is of real help throughout a process of mourning as complicated as the one that deaths from road accidents entail “, he assures Vicente Cano, manager of ‘Roadside Memorials’ and co-author of the project with Antonio Barbero.

“In the medium term, we want the tool to serve as awareness element on road safety and it will be the families of the victims who choose how they want their memorial to be used in personalized communication campaigns. For several years, I was photographing memorials on my travels as a writer for Auto Bild. So, in a way, it can be said that this project was born within this environment “, Cano explains.

From the app (and also, with the web browser) the memorials can be located and consulted (whose contents will no longer be public if the users who have uploaded them so wish). For security reasons, the app will not make warnings during the march, but when passing near a digital memorial, its content will be loaded in the form of an alert and the driver will be able to consult the information upon arrival at the destination.

The memorial will have photos, videos and the personal history of the deceased. It will also allow you to see what visualizations you have and even leave a tribute lighting virtual candles. All users will also be able to check the views of their memorial and read the messages they have generated on social networks.

Rodrigo Fersainz April 8, 2021 – 10:40 p.m.

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