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Road tragedy in Córdoba: they identified the victims who were traveling in the car that broke down

Two women of 20 and 21 years of age and a 16-year-old adolescent were identified as the victims of one of the road tragedies that mourned Córdoba during the first hours of 2021, when a car ran off the ravine for reasons that are being established at the intersection of Circunvalación and variant to Juárez Celman.

The victims were: Eliana Natalí Benítez (20), from the Residencial América neighborhood; Candela Martínez Bonaldi (21), who lived in Parque Liceo 3rd Section; and Kevin Jacob (16), a native of the province of Mendoza.

This teenager was the cousin of the driver of the 408: Agustín César Correa, 20 years old and domiciled in Villa Esquiú. This boy was admitted in serious condition to the Emergency Hospital.

He was charged with repeated manslaughter and aggravated by the use of a motor vehicle; in addition to the crime of aggravated culpable injuries.

The other survivors were: Franco Martínez (18), from the San Jorge neighborhood; and Fiorella Daniele (19), from the Lomas de San Martín neighborhood.

New Years tragedy

The accident occurred around 9 o’clock, at the intersection of the Juárez Celman bypass and the south arch of the Circunvalación avenue, a ring that for 20 years has been the scene of very serious skidding involving all kinds of vehicles, both trucks and buses, cars and trucks.

A Peugeot 408, with three women and three men on board, traveling in a north-south direction ended up breaking down. They were returning to their homes in the northeast of the Capital.

Although the Judicial Police expert reports are in full swing, it is presumed that the vehicle was circulating at very high speed.

The driver did not manage to turn around the curve, the car “cut” the guardrail, kept going and stumbled down a 30-meter slope.

At that time, visibility and weather conditions were optimal.

The 408 was unrecognizable. Mechanical parts were scattered.


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