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Riots at the Capitol: Biden blames Trump for violence

The future US President Biden has found sharp words about the riots in the Capitol. He accused President Trump of attacking democracy. His leading party friends Pelosi and Schumer demanded his removal.

One day after the violence at the Congress building, US President-elect Joe Biden referred to the rioters as “domestic terrorists”. He accused incumbent Donald Trump of being guilty of using a “mob” to “silence the votes of nearly 160 million Americans” who cast their votes in November.

He called the violent storm of the Capitol “one of the darkest days in United States history”. It was an “unprecedented attack on our democracy,” he said.

“Trump Stokes Violence”

Unlike yesterday, he attacked Trump directly and sharply today. This stirs up violence through his rhetoric and undermines democracy. The attack was a consequence of Trump’s relentless attacks on democratic institutions.

At the same time he criticized the reaction of the security forces to the perpetrators. The police failed to treat all people equally if you compare yesterday’s events with the protests of the “Black Lives Matter” protests a few weeks ago. “If the attackers had been black, they would have been treated differently.” He thereby pointed to the systemic racism in the USA, which is also expressed in the way the police and other security agencies deal with black people.

Democrats demand Trump’s impeachment

The Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, called for the immediate removal of Trump. Pelosi said she is calling on incumbent US Vice President Mike Pence to seek impeachment based on Amendment 25 of the US Constitution. Trump is dangerous and should no longer remain in office. “This is urgent.”

In addition to regular impeachment proceedings, as was also pursued by Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation against Trump, there is a faster way to remove a US president from office: Amendment 25 of the constitution allows the president to be declared “incapable, to exercise the rights and duties of the office “. Such a declaration must be made by the Vice-President and a majority of key cabinet members and then reported to Congress.

The top Democratic politician Chuck Schumer also called on the Republican cabinet in the Senate to remove Trump from office on the basis of the supplementary article. He should be “not one day longer” President, said Schumer.

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