Return the money he stole: Sheinbaum on Raymundo Collins

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that the accusations against Raymundo Collins, former head of the Housing Institute (INVI) and the Capital Police, are not a personal or political issue, but a legal one.

Collins pointed out earlier, in an interview for Formula Group, that there are no legal grounds against them and that they are “inventions”.

“It is not a political matter, not a personal matter, or anything. It is an arrest warrant issued by a judge, not even the Prosecutor’s Office itself. Investigation folders of former officials of the previous administration are built or in the case of other servers, that in reality they weren’t, that’s another thing. They were criminals. When you are corrupt, you are a criminal. That ended in this government (…). May the lord return the money that was stolen“, affirmed in press conference.

On what was declared by the former head of Public Security in CDMX about an alleged wrongful act requested by the then mayor of Tlalpan, ruled out that it was outside the law.

“I remember that meeting very well. I went to see the then director of the INVI because I asked to review a project where there was a lot of neighborhood opposition, which was in Rubí 38, and I had made a commitment with the neighbors to review it (…). I went on behalf of the neighbors to have the project reviewed, which had many irregularities. Probably that a person went to tell him a citizen request was something he is not used to, because he was more used to business, “he said.

Sheinbaum emphasized the arrest warrants against Collins.

“The man is accused of corruption and has two arrest warrants against him: one on a property in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office (…) and the second in Iztapalapa,” he said.

It is pertinent to remember that on Monday of this week, a judge granted an amparo “for effects” to the former head of Public Security during the administration of Miguel Ángel Mancera, former head of the capital’s Government.

This leaves without effect the arrest warrant issued on March 21 of last year for the crime of illegal use of powers, committed to the detriment of the Public Service of Mexico City and society. In addition, it ‘opens the door’ for the magistrate Agustín Moreno Gaspar, who issued the arrest warrant, to resolve again on the request for an arrest warrant presented by the capital’s prosecutor’s office.

With information from David Saúl Vela

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