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Return of Juan Manuel Márquez and Miguel Cotto will be with rounds of 2 minutes and without a mask

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Juan Manuel Márquez revealed the details of his fight against Miguel Cotto, which will consist of eight two-minute rounds

The confrontation between the four-time world champions Juan Manuel Márquez and Miguel Ángel Cotto on June 12 will be eight two-minute episodes., with 14-ounce gloves and without a mask, according to what ‘Dynamite’ revealed in an exclusive talk with ESPN KNOCKOUT.

Márquez will dust off his gloves after seven years of not crossing shrapnel, and Cotto will do the same after just over three years without fighting. In the coming days they hope to have more details about it, but the capital city said that both Nacho Beristáin and Freddie Roach will be on the corners of both.

“(Nacho Beristáin) was very happy because I was the last champion he had. He took it with joy, he said ‘I’ll accompany you, we do it’. The family told me that if it was an exhibition it was fine, they took it in good shape, we are going to train, we are going to prepare as if it were a fight, but it is with a big glove, rounds of two minutes by one of rest. Without a mask, he goes without a mask, 14-ounce gloves and rounds of two minutes for one of rest, ”said the four-time Mexican champion.

Márquez, 47, with 56 wins, 40 of them by knockout, in exchange for seven losses and a draw, did not close the door to be able to make more exhibitions, especially because so far his body has responded wonderfully, a different situation than the one he had in 2016, when precisely an injury to one knee and another to the biceps prevented him from facing Cotto in a professional fight.

“We are going to see how the situation develops, see how we stand before the people, we are going to give ourselves as we have always done, we are going to see, if this works out to do one, two or three, why not do them, but the first thing is On June 12, I am very excited, the 7 years of rest that I had, like the body took a breath, it regenerated, so I am preparing quite well, but you have to see how the first one develops, “he said.

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