When an artist begins his career in the form of a freak with a daring behavior and a defiant appearance, his chances to attract the attention of the public increase significantly. In the crazy, funny, full of new information 2000s, this unusual technique was triggered at the click of the fingers, and extraordinary personalities who managed to find their “chip” in that period became megapopular in one day. However, the effect of novelty wore off over time, as a result of which some mind-blowing images were sore and boring. Of course, freak stars continue to perform today, but nevertheless, in search of a different path, they are forced to “merge with the crowd” of other celebrities and, unfortunately, lose an impressive part of their fans.

Look at how the bright heroes of the secular chronicles in the 2000s have transformed over the years – freaks, whom some adored, others scolded, but no one remained indifferent to their work.


Singer Vitaly Grachev (better known as Vitas) started in Russian show business at the end of 2000. Among other ambitious young people, he was distinguished by an unusual manner of singing in a very high falsetto. The producer of the artist then explained this ability of his ward by the special device of his throat, and the journalists did convince the public that Vitas had … gills. However, such conversations soon subsided, and Vitas preferred the Asian market to the Russian market. Vitas’ official fan club in China has over a million fans, and a statue has been erected in his honor in Shanghai.

Tom and Bill Kaulitcy

The worldwide popularity of the German band Tokio Hotel in the late 2000s was phenomenal. Ten years ago, teenage girls pasted over rooms with posters of twin brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz (guitarist and vocalist of the group, respectively) and dreamed of seeing their idols live. When the boy band arrived in Russia, the young musicians were greeted by thousands of teenagers who bought up all the tickets to the Olimpiyskiy Sports Complex in just a couple of hours. At the same time, long oblique bangs like Bill’s came into fashion, moreover, the guys became icons of the emo subculture (from English emotional – emotional), following which in the middle of the 2000s was very popular among adolescents of 13 years old.


The peak of popularity of Alexander Medvedev (Shura) came in the late 1990s – early 2000s. He gained fame largely thanks to a memorable image, one of the components of which was the absence of front teeth. The singer’s voice, accordingly, was lisping to the point of impossibility. Today, this feature of Shura’s appearance would seem just a mockery of the viewer, and 15 years ago it was his highlight.

45-year-old Shura amazed fans with a slim and fit body

Marilyn Manson

At the beginning of the 2000s, the public was shocked by the frantic rocker Marilyn Manson (the artist’s real name is Brian Hugh Warner, – approx. Woman.ru). The alleged “son” of serial killer Charles Manson and a blonde sex bomb turned out to be a mixture of legendary rockers Alice Cooper and David Bowie. Not content with the Gothic costumes, the mad scientist’s hairstyles and Japanese Kabuki theater makeup, Manson removed all of his teeth. Instead, he put on prostheses made of platinum and began to look even more terrible, but loyal fans fell in love with the singer even more. A slap in the face for public taste turned out to be savory. At the same time, Manson was inclined not only to shock the audience, but also to put a certain philosophy into his madness on stage: “I live as if there is no tomorrow. This is the best way to have hope for the future. “


It is called the phenomenon of Russian music. In the 1990s and early 2000s, singer Linda drove millions crazy with her work. The songs, videos and the image of the unusual performer were strikingly different from everything that was in the Russian show business. At one time, the artist managed to collect a record number of spectators at her concert – 450 thousand people! However, at the beginning of the 2000s, Linda, along with her lover, producer and composer Stefanos Korkolis, moved to live in Greece, where she remained for nine long years. After parting with Stefanos and returning to her homeland, the singer, alas, could not repeat her success.

Lady Gaga

We take a bit of Salvador Dali’s talent, mix it with the brightness of Elton John from the 1970s, spice it up with a pinch of sexuality and sparkles from the costumes of the aforementioned David Bowie. Voila, Lady Gaga is ready. Probably, Dali would be happy to see the famous dress made of meat worn by this brave woman and hitmaker at the 2009 MTV VMA ceremony, and Marilyn Manson would definitely shake her hand after the release of the video for the song Alejandro, from which it smells like gothic. Many are gloating, while others are anxiously waiting for the eccentric Gaga to finally run out of fantasy.

Verka Serdiuchka

The trick of dressing a man into a woman and his performance in this form on stage is far from new. But actor Andrey Danilko is the only one who managed to create such a memorable and vivid image, which first brought him the love of millions of fans and a fabulous income, and then served as a pass to Eurovision-2007, where Serduchka became the second. Unlike many other freak colleagues, Andrei Danilko still clearly separates the stage and everyday life, in which he looks and behaves like an ordinary man.

“The problem can be solved”: Andrey Danilko recovered greatly due to health problems

Yo-Landy Fisser

South African rap singer Yolandi Visser (real name – Henri du Tua – approx. Woman.ru) has become a star relatively recently, although she has been making music since the age of 17. In 2008, Ninja, Yolandi and their friend DJ Hi-Tek created a group Die Antwoord – the name is translated from Afrikaans (it is in a mixture of this unusual language and English that all the songs of the trio are performed, – note Woman.ru) as “Answer”. Watkin immediately gave her beloved the role of the main vocalist and the face of the group – her extravagant manner of singing like a little girl, combined with a bleached cyberpunk haircut, captivated the first viewers at the Die Antwoord concert in Cape Town. At the moment, the musicians have already released four albums, and the number of their fans is growing exponentially with each new shocking clip.

Sergey Zverev

Once Sergei Zverev admitted that he is a man to whom God gave everything. His dizzying career is the best confirmation of this: he managed to rise from a simple hairdresser to the stylist of Alla Pugacheva herself. But it was not this honorary title that brought fame to Zverev, but shocking behavior and countless plastic surgeries. But he also sang once! In 2005, Zverev recorded the song “Alla” and later told in various interviews how, during his first tour, he performed it 13 times at each concert – there were simply no other songs in his repertoire.


Until Lady Gaga appeared on the world stage, another singer was the main female freak in pop music. This brunette, who came to the Oscars in a swan dress, won the Palme d’Or for her role in Lars von Trier’s Dancing in the Dark, a girl whose last name is difficult to pronounce and the music cannot be confused with any other – Bjork …

Nikita Dzhigurda

The star of the singer Nikita Dzhigurda rose in 2008, when he agreed to participate in the project “The Last Hero” and on the very first day with a scandal dropped out of the reality show. Further – more: Nikita made a film about the birth of his wife, Olympic champion in figure skating Marina Anisina, and posted it on the Web. The short film did not leave anyone indifferent, Nikita was awarded the Silver Galoshes, and since then he has become a welcome guest on TV. In fact, Dzhigurda has no outstanding merits behind him, except that he lost his voice as a teenager, singing the songs of his idol Vladimir Vysotsky, and starred in the cult film “Love in Russian”. However, TV editors of various talk shows love Dzhigurda, because he is guaranteed to make some kind of commotion on the set, even if it is just about home floriculture.

Till Lindemann

If you ask any person what he associates with Germany, the answers of the majority will be simple: someone will say that this is Oktoberfest, someone will cite the national German cuisine as an example, and someone will definitely name the rock group Rammstein, whose frontman is Til Lindemann. In the 2000s, the vocalist became famous for his brutal appearance and pyrotechnic shows, which he arranged at every concert.

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