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Resurrection of Roger Martínez and other reasons for the victory of América vs Tigres

Roger Martínez came out at minute 67 to the applause of the few América fans who were able to enter the University stadium, for the game against Tigres. That image six months ago was unthinkable, because the Colombian had no activity and it seemed that he was outside of the Eagles. With Argentine coach Santiago Solari, the South American forward resurfaces.

Roger Martínez twice. The forward first appeared to open the scoring and then to round off the 3-1 victory against the unhinged Tigres. The Colombian’s recovery is no surprise to Solari.

The Argentine coach has worked with Roger since the start of the tournament. In the only game that he did not use it was the one on matchday one, which the Eagles won against San Luis, and then he has participated in all the commitments with America, for at least four minutes, he has won the sympathy of Solari.

In the last three games the South American has started and Roger has responded to the Argentine coach’s confidence with four goals so far in the tournament, his best mark since he was hired by América since 2018, which reached Liga MX.

The change is extreme, because in 14 days, Roger Martínez accumulates more minutes than in the entire last tournament, in which he was under the command of Miguel Herrera. In the summer, faced with the need to sacrifice a foreigner to hire Álvaro Fidalgo, the first on the list was the Colombian, although Andrés Ibargüen, who now plays in Santos, ended up leaving.

The Colombian played 67 minutes against the Tigers. He scored two goals and collaborated in defensive work. Solari spoke of him at the conference: “it is the fruit of his patience and work.” It is the resurrection of Roger Martínez with América.

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