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RESULTS first night Wrestlemania 37: Bianca Belair closes the evening as the new Smackdown women’s champion

The “Stage of the Immortals”Is finally among us, being the first event in which WWE will have a large audience, within the vicinity of the Raymond James Stadium, home of the champions of the NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It has been confirmed that the place on the card that the fights for the wwe championship and for the women’s championship of SmackdownAdding a surprise, the first night will have as its central event, for the first time in history, a fight between women.

The champion of the WWE, Bobby Lashley will face the challenger Drew Mcintyre in the first fight of the night, in an uncharacteristic move. While the central event of the event will be the match between the Smackdown champion, Sasha Banks, will put his title at risk in front of the debutante Bianca Belair, winner of the Royal Rumble 2021.


Sasha Banks (c) contra Bianca Belair: Bianca Belair is the new Smackdown women’s champion

The evening culminated with the triumph of Bianca Belair for him SmackDown Women’s Championship, the winner of the Royal Rumble 2021 made her youth weigh to beat a Sasha Banks who could not capitalize on her repertoire of punishments in the first main event for two African American women in Wrestlemania.

Belair he took the fight to the bag after giving him the ‘Kiss of death‘to her rival, after a series of counterattacks in which both gladiators attempted to execute their finishing move. Likewise, the winner showed skill and strength at different times by charging ‘La Jefa’ in a military uprising from outside the ring and reinforcing her punishments with combinations of bombs and irons.

Bad Bunny y Damian Priest contra The Miz y John Morrison: Bad Bunny surprises and manages to impose himself with Damien Priest

From a spectacular by Bad Bunny to a fight that positively surprised with several extraordinary moves by the Puerto Rican singer, the confrontation in pairs between Bunny Y Damian Priest against The Miz y John Morrison it was one of the best fights of the night.

The input video of Bunny showed the rapper on top of the back of a truck and a fireworks show followed, expectations about the match weren’t very high, due to the fact that it involved three wrestlers and a guest star. However, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see the Puerto Rican have one of the most outstanding performances of the night.

Bunny dominated most of the fight with moves that included a surprising “Canadian Destroyer”Which was the best moment of the fight and one of the best of the evening. The public at all times was in favor of the singer, shouting “BenitoThroughout the fight, the real name of Bad Bunny.

Damian Priest entered the fight and dominated from the start, placing Miz in position for Bad Bunny will be launched from the third agreement to achieve the count of three.

An intermission in the evening allowed honoring those invested at the Hall of Fame, the 2020 class, which could not be honored in Wrestlemania 36 for the pandemic of Covid-19, made up of NWO, JBL, The Bristish Bulldog, the sisters Bella Y Titus O’Neal, award winner Warrior, received the applause of the 25 thousand attendees Raymond James Stadium, home of the champions of the NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon in cell fight: Braun Strowman derrota a Shane McMahon

The cage fight between Shane McMahon Y Braun Strowman It was one with surprises from the beginning. The giant Strowman was attacked before entering the cell for Elias Y Jaxson Ryker, who took two metal chairs to hit the left leg of the rival of McMahon.

The fight started out being dominated by McMahon, who tried to escape a couple of times, even using the help of Smokes Y Elias, but this was not enough to defeat Strowman. In the last moments of the fight, the giant took one of the hands of McMahon, who was already escaping from the cage and proceeded to break one of its walls to re-enter his rival.

The best moment of the fight happened when Strowman threw into the ring Shane McMahon from the heights of the cage, which made everyone present in the Raymond James Stadium stand up. He followed it up with his “Running Powerslam”For the count of three.

The New Day (c) contra AJ Styles y Omos: AJ Styles and Omos became RAW tag team champions

The debut of Omos on Wrestlemania it could not be better, because together with AJ Styles became the new Champion Pair of RAW after crushing ‘The New Day‘. The gladiator bombshell of 2.20 meters high above Kofi Kingston he rang the bell and, incidentally, allowed the ‘Phenomenal‘reach a championship grand slam, after getting the title that was missing to have all the belts of the company on his record.

Efforts to Xavier Woods Y Kofi Kingston for preventing the relay to Omos they did not work, even though they combined aerial and canvas strikes to block it. In an oversight, Styles He touched his partner’s palm for entry and subsequently used his partner’s height to punish his rivals. Which led to his subsequent victory in ‘The Showcase of the Immortals‘.

Cesaro contra Seth Rollins: Cesaro defeats Rollins and wins his first solo fight at Wrestlemania

In one of the most athletic matches of the night, two of today’s superstars from WWE they put on a show during the third fight of the night.

Cesaro he broke his own record by performing his move “Cesaro’s Swing”, The movement that consists of holding your opponent, lifting him off the ground and making him turn. Against Rollins, Cesaro he managed 23 laps, the most personal amount he has ever done in his entire career.

In the fight, Rollins made a tribute to Triple H By using his movement, the “Pedigree”, Which was not enough to defeat Cesaro. The European ended up winning the fight using another of his special moves the “Neutralizer”.

Tag team turmoil match to determine No. 1 contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Championship: Natalya & Tamina defeat Lana & Naomi, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose, The Riott Squad and will face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE women’s tag team titles on the second night of Wrestlemania 37.

The fight to define the rivals of the female champions on the second night of Wrestlemania It was for the duo made up of Natalya and Tamina, who subjected ‘The Riott Squad‘thanks to an iron from the corner courtesy of the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, same that left the face of the lamps to Ruby Riott. All this before the eyes of the champions, Nya Jax y Shayna Bazszler, who were behind the scenes watching the fight on television.

Efforts to The Riott Squad they were unsuccessful, despite beating two couples when entering as the third couple in the order. Lana and Naomi in view of Carmella and Billy Kay they were in charge of initiating hostilities, but the first ones helped themselves with the stringing to stay in the lawsuit. For its part, the duo of Mandy Rose Y Dana Brook ended up eliminated after a combination of actions between Liv Morgan and own Riott.

Bobby Lashley (c) contra Drew McIntyre: Lashley retains the championship by surrender

The all mighty” Bobby Lashley implanted his law and demonstrated why he is a dominant champion by making the “Irish Psycho”, Drew McIntyre, thanks to your key “The Almighty Lock”.

In a highly competitive battle that had several close drops and a display of athleticism from both competitors, a brief distraction from outside the ring by the team manager. Lashley, MVPIt was all it took for McIntyre to lose focus for a moment and fail to connect his special move, the kick. “Claymore”. The space was enough for the champion to take advantage and could connect his special move.

One of the most intense moments of the fight occurred when Lashley He tried to shoot his opponent from the third rope, but the latter used the strength of his body to pull the champion from that part of the ring.

With victory, Lashley will follow the path to the next event of WWE as the champion of the company, which will be Money in the Bank, on May 16.

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