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Results and movements for the Play-in of the 2020-21 season

The 2020-21 NBA regular season is about to end and there are still some spots to be defined for the teams that will play the Play-in.

From today until Sunday, ESPN will present a brief overview of the results and movements that occur between the teams from both conferences and that will complete the Play-in for the Playoffs.


With the defeat at TD Garden 129-121, the Boston Celtics were ‘condemned’ to play the Play-in, which they had already tied. The Celtics (35-34; .507) trailed the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks by three games and lost the tiebreaker with both teams.

Despite falling 117-112 to the Denver Nuggets, Charlotte Hornets secured their place in the Play-in thanks to the Brooklyn Nets’ 115-107 win over the Chicago Bulls. If they go ahead and qualify for the Playoffs, it will be the first time since 2016 that the North Carolinians have disputed the championship fight.

With an important victory, the third in a row, the Indiana Pacers secured their place in the Play-in by beating the Philadelphia 76ers 103-94. The victory not only stopped the Sixers’ eight-game winning streak, it also prevented coach Doc Rivers from securing first place in the East.

With these results, the Play-in games for now would be Celtics vs. Hornets and Pacers vs. Washington Wizards, but the Wizars will see activity on Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks who, although they no longer aspire to reach third place, cannot lose as the Heat and Knicks have the same record, 38-31.


Although the Memphis Grizzlies already had their place in the Play-in, they can still climb the ranks, so Tuesday’s 133-104 win over the Dallas Mavericks was important. So far the Grizzlies are ninth, but a combination of results would give them to settle into eighth place in the West.

The Golden State Warriors, who already had their place in the Play-in, achieved a motivating victory against one of the best teams in the West, the Phoenix Suns by 116-122, a result that leaves them, for now, without any change in the eighth place of your conference.

Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New York Knicks 99-101 in OT to leave their record at 39-30 and get within a game of the Mavs for sixth place in the Wild West.

With these results, the West Play-in is, for the moment, as follows: Lakers vs Warriors and Grizzlies against Spurs, San Antonio being the only one playing on Tuesday and is forced to win so as not to see the tenth at risk. place that the New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings lurk.


Wizards vs Hawks

Spurs vs Nets

Celtics vs Cavaliers

Pelicans vs Mavericks

Rockets vs Lakers


In total there will be six games involving eight teams as part of the play-in tournament, divided between the two conferences.

Teams that finish 1-6 in each conference have their place assured in the playoffs, while teams ranked 7-10 will enter the play-in. Any team that finishes worse than number 10 will be in the lottery. Since there is the potential for teams to end up with an uneven number of games played due to complications from COVID-19, the NBA will use the winning percentage to determine ranking.


• Game 1: The No. 7 team in the winning percentage standings will host the No. 8 team, and the winner will be the No. 7 seed in the playoffs. The losing team has another chance in Game 3.

• Game 2: The No. 9 team will host the No. 10 team, and the winner will advance to Game 3. The loser is eliminated and enters the NBA draft lottery.

• Game 3: The loser of match No. 7 vs. No. 8 will host the winner of the No. 9 vs. No. 10, and the winner will take No. 8 in the postseason. The loser of Game 3 also enters the lottery.

This means that teams with the seventh and eighth highest winning percentage will have two chances to win a game to secure a playoff spot, while teams with the ninth and 10th highest winning percentage must win two games. consecutive to advance.

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