Reservations in Mar del Plata were canceled due to the fear that restrictions will be imposed during the next week


This Tuesday at noon, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, announced at a press conference that, despite the notable increase in coronavirus infections, this week no restrictive measures will be adopted but they will evaluate the situation during the next. This uncertainty caused Mar del Plata to suffer a significant drop in reservations in hotels and apartments.

“In Mar del Plata almost all union hotels are closed. In private hotels, a high percentage also closed. Of the few hotels that opened, they do not reach 20% of reservations for January. It is very difficult to work like this, it is difficult to face the future in this way, “he said. Avedis Sahakian, President of the Gastronomic Hotel Business Association (AEHG) of Mar del Plata, in dialogue with with Infobae.

It was Sahakian himself who confirmed that many reservations were canceled due to fear of not knowing what will happen the following week. In the city the rumor rang out that in these days a sanitary touch was going to be imposed to restrict night-time circulation (as in all the municipalities of the Atlantic Coast). The businessman said that he understands the speculative behavior of tourists.


People when they come on vacation want to do everything. Night outings are part of the tourist package, they are essential within the recreational package. That is why this affects other issues: there are people who are working in their companies based in other parts of the country and, given this uncertainty, they want to return, ”Sahakian said.

In his speech, Kicillof spoke of “Strengthen controls and ask the population to take care of themselves again as he did in the worst moments. We are reaching a situation that could become critical ”. His statements occurred after the meeting he held with the mayors of the municipalities of the Coast.

It is estimated that it lasted about two hours and there all those present agreed onreinforce controls on the streets, beaches and gastronomic places. Also in enforcing – in a more strict way – the current protocols that were designed in the months prior to the start of the season.

Parallel to this meeting, the gastronomic and hoteliers of Mar del Plata met virtually without knowing what the announcement was going to be, and yes with the concern that an extreme measure that harms consumption in the season is notified.

“We are concerned because we understand the health issue but we need to work, pay salaries, run the companies. The truth is that it is still a rumor that there will probably be a partial cap on hours. But we are very worried, it is a very negative aspect”, Remarked the businessman.

The situation became similar for real estate companies, which seek to complete a large part of the supply of apartments that have not yet been rented.

Christian Heit
Christian Heit

“We have the same concern as hoteliers. The reality is that there is talk of changes in the night but we must understand that people come to be relaxed. Already all these changes (use of alcohol, distancing and chinstrap) generate stress. Now, the news of this possible sanitary touch for next week is difficult. The tourist does not know if they are going to close the city or what ”, he explained Rodrigo Sanz, member of the Tourism Commission of the College of Martilleros de Mar del Plata, to Infobae.

“Somehow we have to find the answers to why we have so few reserves. But it is normal because of the pandemic. Obviously people need to be healthy and those who direct how to do this type of controls will see. I trust that at all levels they do their best ”, he added.

From the provincial government they admitted that still “There is margin” to reverse the health situation and that for this to happen, people’s behavior must change. Communication and prevention will be two fundamental axes for these days. Kicillof also reported that he will meet with President Alberto Fernández and with the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to assess the health situation: “If a decision has to be made, we will announce it next week,” he said.

The gastronomic and hoteliers coincide with the great problem that the mayors have for this season, the same that the municipality of General Pueyrredón placed as the main concern for summer 2021: clandestine parties and mass gatherings on the beaches.

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