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Research, development and innovation for the south of Buenos Aires

Former Caseros jail
Former Caseros jail

The south of the city of Buenos Aires currently presents deficits in several aspects, including housing, green spaces, and above all, in relation to the issue of employment. Towards the end of last year, with the departure of ASPO, unemployment rates improved a bit; anyway, they are located at levels close to 15 percent, according to data from the Directorate of Statistics of the Buenos Aires Government.

To begin to change that reality of the south of the city It is important to give new impetus to the Technological District, located in Commune 4, and encourage more companies to settle in the area. In Argentina, the knowledge industry can generate 100,000 new jobs and an extra $ 4 billion in exports, according to estimates by Argencon, the chamber that groups together companies in the sector. Due to the dynamics of this activity, It is estimated that up to 90 thousand jobs can be created, only in the Technological District, in a short time.

The knowledge industry It is one of the three exporting complexes in our economy – along with the countryside and the automotive industry – that had the highest turnover last year (more than 6000 million dollars), and it is the one with the highest added value. By the end of 2019, it was already generating a total of 437,000 jobs across the country, not counting indirect jobs. In addition, 91% of the companies in the sector are SMEs that have a very high interrelation capacity, and the generation of new products and companies.

In that sense, an idea that could contribute in this sense is transform the property where the former Caseros prison operated – abandoned for 20 years – into the epicenter of the economy of knowledge, science and technology, and production. The south of the city can become a kind of “Silicon Valley” of the country, with an expansion that exceeds the ups and downs of economic cycles. Large companies are already based in the Technological District; hence the centrality of generating a space for exchange and generation of active policies on that property.

It is important to detect the ecosystems that provide the foundations for productive development, that make it possible to create new companies. It is evident that the presence of institutions such as Malbrán, Garrahan, ANMAT, ITBA, IUPDT, among others, can drive the detection of opportunities to generate new products and services, such as, for example, the rapid Covid test, originated in Malbrán , with financing from the national State. From this diagnosis, The centrality of the former Caseros prison becomes evident, as an enhancer of public-private exchanges, of all the actors involved, as a challenge of the time.

It is for this reason that I promoted a bill in the Buenos Aires Legislature that values ​​the property of the former Caseros prison. This project, supported by all the representatives of Commune 4, proposes to respect the environment, the history and the neighborhood identity of the place, and to transform this property into a center for technological and productive development, centered on the knowledge industry. with the creation of a Buenos Aires Science Agency, as well as a service center, and a Space for Memory.


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