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Stopping studying due to lack of economic resources is a situation that exists in Mexico and, with the aim of reducing the number of cases, the Government of Mexico launched the Welfare Scholarship for Basic Education Families. Here we tell you what it is and what are the requirements to obtain it.

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The scholarship is intended for families living in poverty and with members attending initial, preschool, primary or secondary education under 15 years of age.

The Welfare Scholarship is a support consisting of 800 pesos per month delivered bimonthly, so that every two months 1,600 pesos will be received and this will last the 10 months of the school year and to obtain it the following requirements must be met:

  • Having a child or adolescent who is enrolled in the current school year in a Basic Education Institution belonging to the National Educational System.
  • None of the children or adolescents who are part of the family simultaneously receive another educational support grant awarded by an institution of the federal public administration and financed with federal resources in the same educational type.
  • Being a family living in poverty, in the event that the home they live in or the school the student attends is not located in a priority location.
  • Reside in priority locations, in case the only boys or girls in the family are five years old or less.
  • Have a pregnant adolescent or adolescent mother who is enrolled in the school system, not in school or others in any Basic Education Institution belonging to the National Education System.

It should be noted that Benito Juárez Basic Education Scholarships for Well-being consist of a single support per family and it is only compatible with other scholarships with different objectives, such as excellence or sports.

The Welfare Scholarship for Basic Education Families is awarded in different modalities, which are:

  • Bank cards.
  • Payment method to withdraw the amount in bank branches.
  • At pay tables if there is no other way available.

In addition, support will be delivered directly to the student’s mother, father, or guardian.

With information from the Government of Mexico

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