Republicans “weak and tired”: Trump rages after defeat in parliament

Republicans “weak and tired”
Trump rages after defeat in parliament

The House of Representatives overrules the US President’s veto on the defense budget – with the help of MPs from his own party. Trump is now angry against them on Twitter. And again claims that he was the real winner of the US election.

US President Donald Trump reacted angrily that his veto on the defense budget was rejected by the House of Representatives with numerous votes from MPs from his own party. The leadership of his Republican Party was “weak and tired,” wrote the president in a short Twitter message that he sent from his vacation at the Mar-a-Lago resort. “We need a new and energetic Republican leadership,” added the 74-year-old in capital letters.

Trump also expressed his anger that Republicans were gradually backing away from his claims that he won the November 3 presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden. He indirectly claimed again that he had won the election. “Can you imagine if the Republicans stole a presidential election from the Democrats?” Asked Trump in his tweet. In this case “all hell would break loose”. The Republican leadership, however, has taken the “path of least resistance”.

In the US state of Georgia, senatorial elections are scheduled for the coming week, which will determine whether the Republicans or the Democrats will have a majority in the Senate in the future. Trump is expected to travel to Georgia on Jan. 4 to support Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Georgia usually falls to the Republicans, but Biden won a slim majority there in the presidential election. So the Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock also have a chance of victory in Georgia.

During his tenure, Trump could largely rely on Republican supporters in Congress. Since his electoral defeat by Biden, however, he has encountered increasing resistance from the ranks of Republican members of the Congress. For example, parliamentarians from his own party criticized his refusal, which lasted for days, to sign the new mega aid package against the Corona crisis worth around 900 billion dollars. Trump then gave in on Sunday and signed the package of measures into force. Trump’s term expires on January 20th. On this day, Biden is scheduled to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

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