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Republican speaks of “anti-fascist attack” on his family – the police have a different opinion

Republican Josh Hawley reports an “anti-fascist attack” on his family and home. The police and protesters disagree.

  • The republican and Senator in the USA Josh Hawley reported by one attack the Antifa on his family.
  • Protest and police contradict the representation of “Antifa attack”.
  • The Missouri Senator sticks to his account.

Washington – The Republican US-Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has claimed that his family was from Antifa activist: inside had been attacked. His family was threatened during a protest in front of his house in Vienna near the capital Washington. The demonstrators are also said to have committed vandalism, wrote the republican on twitter. A video of the protesters and statements by the local police contradict this representation.

US Senator Josh-Hawley claims to be attacked by Antifa protesters

The group “Shutdown DC” took part in the protests in front of the house of the Senators in the USA called because Josh Hawley is one of the senators who wanted to block the confirmation of the 2020 US election result in Congress in order to keep Donald Trump in office. About 15 people protested in front of the house of Republikaners, reports the newspaper “Kansas City Star”. They chanted chants and held up signs. The protest took place under the motto “Vigil for Democracy”.

Hawley even that of one attack of Antifa activist: inside spoke was at the time of Protests not in his house. “Antifa– Scammers “came to his house in Washington and called threats, writes the Trump-loyal senator on Twitter. The anti-fascists also tried to break open the door. He and his family would not be intimidated by left-wing violence, he concluded republican Hawley sein Statement.

“Antifa attack” on Republican Senator in the USA: Video shows peaceful protest

The protesters in front of the house of Republikaners Josh Hawley The “Kansas City Star” reports that they were mainly on the street and sidewalk. A video published by the activists shows them lighting candles and signs asking the senator to confirm the result the Presidential election to consider. Four people entered the property for a short time to put a text in front of the door. It would have been a copy of the constitution, reports “Kansas City Star”, citing the activists. The protesters also painted texts on the sidewalk.

The police also contradict the claim of an “Antifa attack” in the USA – Hawley sticks to the claim

Also the police contradicts the US Senator Josh Hawleywho called the protest “Antifa attack “ designated. It would have been a small protest, said a spokesman for the local police in Vienna near Washington. The activists were informed that they had violated noise regulations. In addition, the state of Virginia in the United States is not allowed to demonstrate in private residential areas, the police said. Eight minutes after the participants were informed of the protest, they left the place.

The Republican Hawley continues to speak of an attack by the Antifa. “If Antifa bastards can terrorize my family, they can do it to any other family in the US,” wrote the Missouri State Senator in another tweet. He won’t accept that. (Max Schäfer)

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