Republican Resistance: Biden Wants to Make US Suffrage Fairer

Republican resistance
Biden wants to make US suffrage fairer

The outcome of the US presidential election was extremely close in many states. This is also due to the shape of many constituencies and the historically high hurdles for registration. The Biden government now wants to initiate a reform. The resistance is fierce.

President Joe Biden has signed an order to make it easier for US citizens to vote in elections. On the 56th anniversary of the crackdown on the civil rights march at the bridge in Selma, Alabama, he signed an order “to make it easier for voters to register and improve access to voting,” Biden said.

“If you have the better ideas, you have nothing to hide. Let the people vote!” Many Republican-led states have been accused of having tailored constituencies, among other things, to penalize Democrats. There are also often not enough polling stations there, so that many citizens are put off by long walks and waiting times.

The House of Representatives, in which the Democrats have a majority, voted on Wednesday for a corresponding bill, which the Republicans vehemently oppose. The “For the People” law would expand the possibilities for voting by post, automate voter registration, prohibit partisan reallocation of electoral districts and make new requirements for so-called black money donations to political groups. In the Senate, which the draft would also have to pass, there is a stalemate between Democrats and Republicans.

Georgia is already working on new hurdles for minorities

With the order now signed by Biden, all federal authorities must examine ways to improve electoral practice – with particular attention, among other things, to voters with disabilities or prisoners. Within 200 days they should submit a plan on how they want to implement this. However, there is strong resistance to this – especially since the president has little influence on the implementation in the states.

Biden said, “Elected people in 43 states have tabled more than 250 bills designed to make it harder for Americans to vote. We cannot allow them to succeed.” In Georgia, for example, Republicans are accused of trying to suppress the voices of blacks and other minorities in this way after their recent narrow defeats.

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