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Reports: PSG prepares irrefutable offer for Lionel Messi

Press reports in Europe indicate that PSG’s offer to Lionel Messi is for up to three years, two of them guaranteed

Paris Saint-Germain was ahead in the race for the hiring of Lionel Messi over other teams, after he has prepared an irrefutable offer for the Barcelona reference, who currently has only one relationship until the end of June.

According to reports provided this Tuesday by reporter Marcelo Bechler, from the channel TNT Sports, PSG’s offer to Messi consists of up to three years of contract: the first two guaranteed and the third, from the 2023/24 season, optional for both parties.

In addition to the long contract that would guarantee a link to the Argentine star until he turns 36, PSG is very confident that its economic offer is “unsurpassed”. However, the values ​​are kept confidential.

ESPN contacted the two parties involved in the negotiation. PSG denies the information, while Messi’s team says they do not know the matter.

So far the French team is the first to make a proposal to Messi, something that not even Manchester City has done, despite the interest that existed in the player’s services last season, and the good relationship between the Argentine star and strategist Josep Guardiola who would be a point in favor in the negotiation for the English team.

Given this rumor, PSG totally denies any approach with the player, emphasizing that it is absolutely false news, because currently they are only focusing this moment on the contract extension of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

Meanwhile, the Parisian team, in addition to the proposal, hopes to obtain the expected result in the sporting part, since the recent UEFA Champions League runner-up is in the dispute to again access the final phase of the contest.

For his part, Lionel Messi has not commented on the matter, just as the player’s team so far is focused on the final stretch of LaLiga, where they are in the fight to occupy the first place in the general table.

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