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Reports 13 cases of adverse reactions due to covid vaccines

Monterrey /

After they were applied a total of 1,950 vaccinations to people in Nuevo León, the Secretary of Health in Nuevo León, Manuel de la O Cavazos, reported 13 cases of people who had mild adverse reactions at the dose applied to them.

At the press conference this Saturday, Manuel de la O Cavazos said that the 13 cases were mild, with symptoms such as headache, muscle pain and nasal congestion.

“We applied 1,950 vaccines to health personnel in the hospitals of Nuevo León, in an equitable manner, they were applied in the Military Hospital.

“Of the 1,950, we had 13 mild adverse events, that’s what they are called, those mild adverse events were pain at the site of the application, such as influenza, when I apply influenza, sometimes my arm hurts one or two days, “he said.

Manuel de la O pointed out that this number of reactions represents less than 1 percent, so he asked not to alarm the public and said that the application of the vaccine will not be stopped.

“Some others had headaches, headaches, there were 13, .67 percent, of those 13, eight are without anything, they have no symptoms, only five have some headache, muscle pain, some nasal congestion ”, He expressed.

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