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Report from the Erzgebirge – The AfD-Corona coincidence

“I know at least three who did not do well after the vaccination. I am not getting vaccinated. I don’t go to parties or restaurants, I don’t care about the rules, ”says a car mechanic from the Dorfchemnitz area in the Eastern Ore Mountains.

A building contractor, who was also not vaccinated, added: “I know enough people who got sick despite being vaccinated. That doesn’t work! ”A sticker with a crossed-out Angela Merkel (67, CDU) stuck on his car reads:“ This is not my Chancellor. ”

The building contractor says: “The AfD is the only party that had its ass in its pants to denounce the rule madness.” The vaccination rate in Germany is currently rising by just 0.4 percent. People like the auto mechanic and the building contractor definitely don’t want to help keep it rising.

Wherever a lot of AfD is elected, the virus spreads more rapidly. Scientists from the “Research Institute for Social Cohesion” calculated a 2.2 percent higher corona incidence per percentage point that the AfD won in elections.

So it is an AfD-Corona coincidence.

A Forsa survey showed: 50 percent of the unvaccinated voted for the blue-red party. In Dorfchemnitz in Saxony (1200 inhabitants) it was 52 percent, the best result for the new rights in Germany.

2864.8 incidence in the AfD village

At a height of 500 meters, in the middle of the rocky mountains, is the AfD village, here the corona incidence was recently 2864.8. The last restaurant “An Chemnitzbach” closed about twelve years ago.

Many here do not want to hear from the media anymore, like the man at his garage who replied to a friendly address: “What do you want ?! Come on, get out! Departure! “Or the elderly gentleman who is raking leaves:” Turn around, drive away! “

But a man around 50, the chairman of the local football club and CDU voter, who is standing next to the leaf rake, is talking. And gets upset. About the unvaccinated and their theories. Because he is in the process of losing his mother to the virus, he assumes that she could not make it.

“I say: shut up until everyone is vaccinated! My mother, 81 years old, did not get vaccinated and is seriously ill. She didn’t want to admit it! The vaccination is mandatory. “The elderly gentleman stands by with his rake, behind his garden fence, says:” My big concern is the vaccine. About the thrombosis. “

The CDU member tries to talk him out of his fear, then says: “You all chose blue-red and now nobody wants it to be. That is a mockery of the village! Our AfD member of the state parliament, Carolin Bachmann, has to go to the corona hill because she cannot be tested! ”By this he means the practice of segregating untested parliamentarians in the first rank so that they do not spread the virus below.

“If the donkey is doing too well, it goes on the ice”

Then he comes back to his mother: “She has previous illnesses, but you can talk as you like. They are like in such a religious community. In the past you always said: If the donkey is doing too well, it goes on the ice, we have that now. ”

By that he means: Actually, we Germans are currently almost never doing. The unvaccinated apparently wanted to run into the open knife with their eyesight.

The local wood artisan Friedmar Gernegroß (71) has had a double vaccination and is wearing a mask. He says: “I take the virus seriously, but I think it’s bad that the country is being divided. I am very grateful that I was able to live without a war, without a cell phone and without a mask for so long. Many vaccinated people in the village are also infected, which strengthens those who oppose the vaccination. ”

He is now giving his customers a “Corona hammer”, a small wooden hammer with a saying card. “If you see a virus, strike. If something bothers you, hit it. But you can’t kill time with it! ”It says.

A vaccinated resident who, like Gernegroß, did not vote for the AfD, says about those who oppose the vaccination: “They just react defiantly, it is ordered from above, then they just don’t do it. It seems to me: Just as half of them voted for the AfD, about exactly this half is not vaccinated. I think that actually has to do with the AfD. ”

He understands the attraction that the party exerts on some neighbors: “The party understands how to take up the problems here in the region. People hope that something will change. “

An employee of a restaurant in the neighboring village of Mulda is such an unvaccinated AfDler. “If the vaccination works, why do you have to boost it now? I know a lot of people who are not vaccinated, what is the point of that? ”Everyone would just make up his own mind, he would get information“ on the Internet ”. But if the pressure were to be increased, it might collapse, he says. “When it comes to money, to work, I would get the material. Otherwise you lose everything. “

Boss wants to pay vaccination premium

A shopkeeper from Mulda, a man in his 70s, shakes his head when he hears the arguments of those who oppose the vaccination. He nearly died of the virus and still has difficulty breathing. “I was just before the ventilator last Christmas, New Year’s Eve,” he says.

He now wants to give two unvaccinated employees an incentive to pay 80 euros more per month if they are vaccinated. “I find it terrible how that is played down. Half of the relatives are not vaccinated, they are stubborn as oxen, make each other hot, but have no arguments. I still breathe badly, the body no longer has any strength. “

A customer, Hans W. (39), comes in and buys something. What did he choose, what about his vaccination status? “I don’t want to be vaccinated until a dead vaccine arrives, there are no long-term studies. Or if there were a government vaccine like Sputnik from the Russians. ”He argues in a similar way to the recently unvaccinated Bayern star Joshua Kimmich (26).

Then W says: “The AfD is the only party that still exercises our rights, that’s why I voted for it.” During the last partial lockdown, when there was a night curfew in Saxony, the police harassed him, a night shift worker in a chemical plant, harassed despite a permit. In fact, the AfD in Saxony has now filed a lawsuit against applicable 2G rules, which makes voters like W.

Isn’t he afraid that things might be similar to what happened to the shop owner? “It’s more dangerous when I get into my car now.”

On Friday evening, Saxony’s state government announced a curfew, which will apply from Monday, for unvaccinated people in regions where the incidence is over 1000. That means: The unvaccinated AfDler are then no longer allowed on the street between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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