Cancun (Mexico), Apr 3 (EFE) .- The mortal remains of Victoria Esperanza Salazar, the woman killed by police in the Mexican resort of Tulum, left this morning from the international airport of Cancun, Mexican Caribbean, accompanied by her two daughters, his mother and brother.

Around five in the morning the transfer of the coffin began from a modest funeral home in Tulum, about 130 kilometers from Cancun, and after a two-hour journey the float entered the customs area of ​​the air terminal to carry out the rigorous procedures. .

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed the transfer of the family to their country through a message on Twitter.

“The coordination of different dependencies of the Government of Mexico headed by the Ministry of the Interior has succeeded in ensuring that Victoria Salazar’s remains are transferred by her family to El Salvador,” the publication noted.

Victoria Esperanza Salasar’s entire family was transferred to a commercial airline plane, which took off shortly after 09:00 local time (15:00 GMT).

Victoria Esperanza, 36, a resident of Mexico with a humanitarian visa since 2018, was subdued by four policemen from the tourist enclave of Tulum, who are already on trial for femicide.

Precisely this Saturday is the deadline for defining the situation of the four policemen who participated in the death of the woman.

Salazar had two daughters, the oldest of whom, aged 16, was missing for a few hours between this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the young daughter would be sheltered in a public shelter after having suffered abuse from her mother’s romantic partner, who was arrested on Tuesday.

The death of Salazar, recorded on video, has caused outrage in both countries and motivated protests by international organizations and groups that accuse the Mexican security forces of racism and misogyny, in addition to claims by El Salvador.

Several UN agencies, such as the IOM, UNHCR and UN-DH, condemned the murder of the woman these days and asked the authorities for a “prompt and impartial” investigation.

On Friday, feminist collectives marched in Mexico City to protest a series of recent femicides in the state of Quintana Roo and especially to demand justice in the case of Victoria Salazar.

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