Region in Italy temporarily suspends vaccinations with Astrazeneca

Updated March 14, 2021, 8:28 pm

  • Following the death of a vaccinated teacher, the Piedmont region in Italy temporarily suspended vaccination with Astrazeneca.
  • So far, however, it is not clear whether the death is related to the vaccination.

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After the death of a teacher, the Italian region of Piedmont suspended corona vaccinations with the preparation of the manufacturer Astrazeneca. According to health officials, the man died in Biella on Sunday after being vaccinated with the Astrazeneca vaccine the day before. Until it is clear whether there is a causal link between the death and the vaccination, the vaccinations will be temporarily stopped, said health official Luigi Genesio Icardi.

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Health arrived in Sicily to investigate the death of a 43-year-old soldier who died Tuesday after being vaccinated.

Reports of severe cases of blood clots

Denmark had already suspended vaccinations with the British-Swedish manufacturer’s vaccine on Thursday. There had previously been reports of severe blood clots in vaccinated people. Since then, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria and, most recently, Ireland have announced the suspension of vaccinations with Astrazeneca.

Astrazeneca’s vaccine was approved in the EU in January. In Germany and several other European countries, the vaccine was initially only approved for people under 65 years of age because there was initially no reliable data on its effectiveness in older people. The vaccine is now also recommended for seniors. (afp / dpa / fra)

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