Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s sports advisor, says there are no worries in the team despite the problem Sergio Pérez suffered with his engine shortly before the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Mexican driver was on his way to the starting grid on the formation lap when he ran out of power before reaching the last corner of the Sakhir International Circuit The last Sunday.

The situation seemed to be terminal for the aspirations of “Checo” Pérez in his debut with Red Bull, but he managed to start up his power unit again to go to the pitlane and take the start from there.

Pérez He would then star in a great comeback from last place to finish fifth, which earned him praise from those responsible for the Milton Keynes team.

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Despite the situation experienced in the RB16B from “Checo”, Marko was not concerned about engine reliability Honda in an exclusive video interview for Formel1.de, a publication that is part of the Motorsport Network.

“The problems we have had are mainly related to the software. Pérez had his battery changed at the last minute. That was probably the reason why he suddenly ran out of power,” said the Austrian.

“He did it sensationally, moving the wheel, all the emergency scenarios were played out as if nothing happened. Suddenly the power was back. But there is nothing in the hardware. These are all things that can be done. with the right adaptations, I think, “he added.

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Asked about what can happen in the fight between Red Bull and Mercedes in the next round of Formula 1 in Imola, the scene of the Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Marko expects a close battle again but with a different ending.

“I think that with the package we have, a very competitive engine and a chassis that reacts well to everything, we will once again be at the level of Mercedes,” he said.

“We already know: you can only be successful against Mercedes if you act flawlessly. Everything has to go well. We assume it will be a similar situation. Hopefully with an inverted podium and with Max at the top.”

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