Record total for runoff in Georgia – Democrats well-positioned

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The runoff election is imminent in Georgia. The Democrats have already set a record for fundraising.

  • The candidates: inside for the Runoff election in Georgia collect diligently donate for the campaigns.
  • Above all they break Democrats Records with the amount of money raised.
  • But more budget does not guarantee victory in the Battle for the Senate seats after the 2020 US election.

Washington, DC / Atlanta – January 5th will decide how the balance of power in the US Senate will be distributed after the presidential election. In a Runoff there are two Democratic and two Republican candidates in the US state Georgia against each other. Either the Republicans retain a majority, which would make it difficult for future President Joe Biden to enforce decisions, or the seats are evenly distributed. Then Kamala Harris should vote as Vice President and decide in favor of her government.

In the Runoff election in Georgia so stands for both Democrats as well as for republican much at stake. This leads to apparently new records for fundraising for the election campaign – the Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have both vastly exceeded the highest amount raised in a race for a Senate seat.

Future US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at a campaign event for the Georgia Democrats.

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Georgia runoff: Democrats raise more money than Republicans

In the past two months, Warnock has raised over $ 103 million and Ossoff nearly $ 107 million. Their Republican rivals, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, both made less than 70 million. Still, they have the newspaper Tampa Bay Times according to a financial advantage over the Democratic candidates thanks to external Republican groups that can raise large sums of money that are not restricted by federal campaign laws. Large parts of this outside money come from unknown donors.

All four candidates: inside for the Runoff election in Georgia have raised a lot of money outside of the state, with California being the largest source. It is noticeable that the Democrats about half of the budget came from small donations under $ 200, while for the Republicans more large sums were donated.

Before the runoff in Georgia: A lot of money goes into advertising

Much of the money raised is currently being used in advertising Georgia That week alone, more than $ 87 million went into radio, TV and online advertising this week, according to AdImpact, a company that tracks ad spend. That’s more than most Senate campaigns spend in a full year, reports the Tampa Bay Times. According to AdImpact, a total of 365 million dollars have already been spent on advertising for both campaigns, and advertisements for another 110 million have already been booked.

Voter turnout for runoff in Georgia high before the election

So far, there seems to be excessive advertising for voting in the Runoff election in Georgia To bear fruit: More than two million people had cast their vote early on December 25th, like that U.S. Elections Project recorded. This means that 26.8 percent of those eligible to vote in the state have already voted. According to the portal, turnout among so-called early voters has so far been high, especially among white and black people, and in the older age groups. How they have decided will only be revealed on January 5th.

That the Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock spent more money on the campaign Runoff election in Georgia However, there is no guarantee of victory – even before the 2020 US election, Democrat Jaime Harrison had raised more money than his Republican opponent Lindsey Graham – almost $ 58 million, the previous record. But in the end Graham was able to defend his seat in the US Senate. (Ines Alberti)

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