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Recall from Real due to EHEC bacteria: company recalls chops

Meat supplier Alexander Eyckeler calls back frozen lamb. The meat that has been sold at Real can be contaminated with bacteria.

The Alexander Eyckeler company is recalling frozen lamb chops in 0.5 kilo packs. Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli pathogens (EHEC) were found in one piece, according to a communication. The meat was sold in Real markets across Germany.

Lamb Chop: This product is subject to the recall

  • Product: “Lamb chop cut frozen, Ashley, origin New Zealand”
  • prepared for Alliance Group Limited New Zealand
  • Package size: that. 0.5 kg
  • Best before date: 30.01.2022
  • Batch number: Lot# 50 9051
  • Barcode: 281939

Customers who bought the lamb chop can bring it back to a Real market. The purchase price will be refunded there, even without presenting the receipt.

Lamb: This product is currently being recalled.  (Source: Alexander Eyckeler GmbH)Lamb: This product is currently being recalled. (Source: Alexander Eyckeler GmbH)

This is how an EHEC disease manifests itself

According to the current state of science, sufficient heating ensures inactivation of the pathogen, it says in the communication.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, an EHEC disease usually manifests itself within a week of infection diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Infants, young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems in particular can develop more severe disease courses. Acute kidney failure can rarely occur.

If you have severe symptoms, consult a doctor

Individuals who have eaten the recalled lamb chops and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention. There they should indicate a possible EHEC infection.

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