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Reasons why your partner stresses you more than your children

Being a mother, worker, wife, and entrepreneur is not easy, everything generates strong stress, but it is scientifically proven that the most exhausting thing is not your children.

And is that really your partner stresses you much more than your children and This was revealed by a study published by the Today website in the United States.

More than 7,000 mothers were analyzed, and the result was that 8.5 women out of 10 feel more stressed by their partners than by their children, especially during the pandemic.

In fact, many women expressed that their husbands give them more work and cause them more headaches than their children.

Reasons why your partner stresses you more than your children

There are several reasons why this happens, and here we explain some of them.

Women have the greatest family burden

For years the idea has been created that only women have the obligation to care for children and maintain order in the home.

Although that has been changing little by little, and currently women not only stay at home, but also go out to work, it is still considered that we have the greatest family burden.

Men have no initiative for household chores

Some men do not have the initiative to collaborate with the housework, and on the contrary they give you more work.

Even if you ask them to collaborate so that everything is a team effort, many do not, and what they achieve is to generate more stress for you.

They are immature

Men tend to be more immature than women, so they are not on the same page, and they do not understand the importance of things.

So, you have one more child, who is your husband, and many times he behaves like a child, or even worse.

If you are facing a similar situation, it is best to talk with your partner and agree on household chores and with the children, so that both help and everything is the same.

If you don’t understand it, and it keeps stressing you a lot more, then it’s best to quit, because you deserve someone better.

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