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Reasons why women cut their hair

When a woman decides to cut her hair It is because beyond a change of look, she is looking for a change in her life (or she already has it) and she feels good about herself. Coco Chanel said it well, “when a woman cuts her hair, her life is about to change”, so today we tell you everything that revolves around the meaning of cutting hair.

A radical case of haircut it’s the singer’s Amanda Miguel, who had been with his iconic hair for years and decided to cut it and also leave gray hair. Which denotes an act of double security and courage by showing himself more naturally.

In his social networks he published his photo and gave the reasons why he did it:

“I want to tell you some beautiful things about my life that I sincerely wish to share with you… Thanks to GOD I am SANA surrounded by love from my family, from all my collaborators and from you, my beloved followers who accompany me at all times. I know that for many it will be a shock to see me without my traditional hair, but I decided at the beginning of the pandemic to cut it off and let it grow from scratch with the color that I already have naturally. What do you think? ”He wrote on his Instagram account.

Photo: Taken from @yoamandamiguel

Cutting hair emotional meaning

What is the meaning of cutting hair? The specialist Ana María Sánchez, clinical psychologist, explains it:

“Many people do not want cut her hair for fear of change and they can spend years with the same cut. However, when they make the determination to cut it, they agree that their emotional stability, security and self-esteem are optimal.

Hair cutting it increases self-esteem, reinforces feelings of worth and whoever does it feels successful, unattached and with great independence ”, assures the couples therapist.

Photo: iStock

What does it mean to cut your hair

The specialist assures that haircut they mean changes, new processes, closed situations, renewal and a reset in the lifestyle.

A study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, highlights that the characteristics that make short hair stand out from the rest of the cuts are the power, confidence and security that it transmits.

In other research, done by experts from the Yale University of Psychology, it is pointed out that the appearance of our hair influences the first impression we make.

And it is scientifically proven that if we want to look more confident, confident and independent there is nothing better than a short haircut.

What happens when we cut our hair

As for hair health, cutting hair regularly keeps it in better condition, especially split ends.

Why is it good to cut your hair

In terms of hair health, cutting hair is good because it helps to normalize hair imbalances such as the accumulation of oil or dandruff. It also removes impurities and residues from the hair.

Finally, the choice of hair cutting Whether or not it is a personal decision, but it has been shown to bring benefits on an emotional and capillary health level.

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