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Reasons why a flap bag is the best modern investment

The new campaign of Chanel, titled ‘Chanel Iconic’ shows one of the great classics of the House. It’s all about the size 11.12, a perfect measure that many of us know by its proper name: ‘Flap bag’. For this new season the house investigated its archives and took all the padded elegance of the 2.55 to give this format a new twist.

While the classic model 2.55 shows a rectangular clasp, the 11.12 makes the experience of opening and closing the bag more agile, by letting the double ‘C’ do all the magic. Quite a challenge considering the influence that Coco Chanel left in many of her creations and that have remained immovable for decades.

The solid chain of the 2.55 now it is replaced by a metal chain woven with leather that gives it a very modern functional and decorative character. This transforms it into an everyday bag, or a ‘accomplice’ as well describes the brand.

The followers of Chanel they know the history of the 2.55, they also master by heart the careful use of their seven pockets discrete, which make up a network padded inspired by the coats of the world equestrian. Born in February 1955 (hence the figure 2.55), it was not until the years 80’s than version 11.12 brushed the popularity of its predecessor under the mandate of Karl Lagerfeld. Eternally elegant, the 11.12 feels really close to the fashion imaginary, says the brand. Chanel makes very clear his ability to renew each of his iconic pieces, with a timeless character.

The bell Iconic from Chanel, continues to explore the topic of reinvention. Performed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the series of portraits shows very French women. Zoé Adjani, Anna Mouglalis, Rianne van Rompaey, Imaan Hammam and Louise de Chevigny, were the chosen ones. They all wear shirts marineras, different types of cuts and very Chanel hair shapes, bouclé coats, and they pose outside famous places of Paris As the Café de Flore. They also carry, of course, variations of the 11.12 on their shoulders.

They couldn’t put the model aside 2.55 than for this season. The classic model is reinvented in lambskin, also in grained calfskin (caviar) and other designs for ready-to-wear. These contrast with the tanned and traditionally aged leather of the original bags.

The photographs play with all the iconography french that continues to make the whole world fall in love.

The pandemic It has completely changed the fashion industry, small strides for a greener future. Now the season one piece, so the campaign Chanel Iconic is the proof of timeless design and always available is more relevant than ever.

As indicated by the brand in the product description, the 11.12 it’s a ‘rare case of practicality and naivety that also plays with him allure‘. A perfect combination that makes it the purchase from investment most important of our times.

Article originally published in Vogue UK,

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