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Reasons for America’s defeat in Pachuca

The dynamics of the Pachuca team and specific individuals dominated America in the first of the series

Pachuca achieved an important victory in the first leg of the quarterfinals at the Hidalgo Stadium, in a match that ended in favor of the Hidalgo with a score of 3-1 and with Felipe Pardo who became the figure of the table local.

Given this, in ESPN Digital We present the reasons for the triumph of the Bella Airosa.


Felipe Pardo became the star of the Tuzos throughout his performance. The South American midfielder drove the rival defense crazy and in the second half he lived his best minutes by dominating Jorge Sánchez and managing to close his performance with the second goal of the match.


One of the aspects that Santiago Solari’s team suffered the most was with set pieces, since the defenders were not able to stop the rivals. Óscar Murillo, Gustavo Cabral and Erick Aguirre caused damage to the rear, even the last of these managed to open the scoring through a header from a corner kick.


The only joy that the feathered team obtained was the visiting goal, which was born through a good play by Leo Suárez, who in the last minutes of the first half received from the right side, hooked the center and with his left leg he finished with power and at the angle to beat Óscar Ustari.


The visiting team lost their papers in the last half hour of the game and were unable to stop what men like Aguirre, Francisco Figueroa, Erick Sánchez and Víctor Guzmán were doing, who entered to finish driving the rear crazy, which saw the Chávez’s third goal and was saved by a fourth goal.

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