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Real Madrid vs. Chelsea: Benzema equals Raúl and surpasses Cristiano since he left for Juventus

The French offensive continues to write its own history in Madrid, already without the complete ‘BBC’

Karin Benzema, Real Madrid forward, tied at Raul Gonzalez, former figure of the Merengues, as the fourth best scorer in the Champions League after scoring against Chelsea the momentary tie to a goal in the first leg of the semifinals.

According to the organizers of the Champions League, the French adds 71 goals in the competition that faces the best clubs in the world, the same ones that Raúl did in his time as a scorer of the European elite. The Frenchman could surpass the Spanish because he still has the second leg left and is one of the most outstanding players in the team he directs Zinedine Zidane.

The French Karim Benzema scored in the 29th minute the goal that gave air to a Real Madrid (1-1) that in the previous minutes there was only one goal down on the scoreboard thanks to the lack of success of the Chelsea, beyond the goal of the American Christian Pulisic in the 14 ‘, and a stop of merit of the Belgian Thibaut Courtois.

Benzema has been constant in the Real Madrid, scoring goals at opportune moments. It stands out that since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus in Italy, the Frenchman has scored more goals in the Champions League than Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Vecchia Signora del Calcio in 2018 and boasts 14 goals in the midweek competition, while Karim Benzema boasts 15 goals in those three years.

Benzema He is 33 years old and continues as one of the figures of the Real Madrid. Raul, who just tied as the fourth best scorer in the Champions League, retired from the European elite at 35, so the Frenchman threatens to overtake the Spanish and has Robert Lewandowski in his sights, who is third in that field, with 73 goals.

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