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Real Madrid-Liverpool: Without two villains (Ramos and Karius) nor a hero (Bale) …

Almost three years have passed since that May 26, 2018 when Real Madrid won their third consecutive Champions League after defeating Liverpool 3-1 in a Final played in Kiev, which had a hero and two villains.

At minute 24, in an action in which Sergio Ramos and Mohamed Salah struggle, the merengue captain collapses the figure of the ‘Reds’, who hurts his shoulder after being the victim of a ‘lever’ from the defender.

With a clear gesture of pain, the Egyptian tried to return to the field minutes later, but it was impossible for him to continue in the battle … Ramos’ embrace of a disconsolate Salah who was leaving the field was one of the referring images of that meeting.

Immediately a wave of reactions was unleashed, and the defender did not get off the “butcher” and “bad milk”, warning premeditation in the play to knock out the Liverpool star.

To date, it is debated whether it is possible that the Real Madrid captain executed this action perfectly or it was an unfortunate accident.

At half time, the game was 0-0 and the best was missing … Or the worst. At minute 52 ‘the ball arrives rolling into the hands of the’ red ‘goalkeeper Loris Karius, who takes it and in his attempt to get out playing fast, practically with Karim Benzema in front, he crashes it on the foot of the Frenchman and with that unlikely play he open the bookmark.

It was the beginning of the end for those led by Jürgen Klopp, and especially for Karius … Liverpool drew almost immediately through Mané, and with two great villains on the pitch, a hero was missing.

Bale entered at minute 60 ‘for Isco, and the Welshman played the best half hour of his life. With a great goal from Chile and another huge failure from Karius, who missed a shot from Gareth.

In these Quarterfinals of the Champions League there will not be three of the great protagonists of the Kiev Final: Two villains (Sergio Ramos and Loris Karius), and a hero (Gareth Bale).

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