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Real approved and suspended: Isak believes in Europe

Remiro: Until the final stretch he did not need to make worthwhile interventions. Stuck in the Valladolid goal, he could do little on this occasion.

Gorosabel: Match suffered from the right side. In the first half the band was able to raise something, but did not do it after the break. He ended up playing as a left back.

Aritz Elustondo: Good game for the ‘Kaiser de Beasain’. He barely left shot options to Kenan Kodro, who snatched the glory when the match was already 3-0.

The Norman: The growth of the French is spectacular these last two seasons. Today he returned to the rear and it was noticed an outrage. Barring some doubt at first, he ended up completing a remarkable match.

Monreal: Sober Navarrese party. He knew how to regulate efforts because physically he arrived just right. He made no mistake.

Guevara: He had very clear ideas to find his companions. Very serious game in the core. Distills class on all four sides.

Illarramendi: He does not lift his head with injuries. Replaced in the 10th minute for an ankle problem. Until then he had dominated the midfield.

Silva: Seeing him play is a luxury for this Real. The 1-0 assist and the 3-0 left-footed shot are well worth a ticket to see him play. The question is: where would Real be today if they play more games during the season?

Oyarzabal: Another good match from Eibar. He appeared all over the attack front to assist Isak, leave the penalty to Januzaj, work like the most, and reach the final minutes with the option of scoring his goal in a counterattack.

Januzaj: Capable of the best and the worst. Another good game playing on the right. He scored a penalty and led the 1-0 play. But then he had a blackout when he provoked the Valladolid bench because there was a small brawl. He deserved 3 spades, but his lack of respect for the opponent makes him lose a spade. You also have to know how to hold on and empathize with a rival who dramatically risked his life.

Isaac: The best no doubt. Great game from the Swede, who scored two goals and could have been more. He attacked the spaces that Valladolid left him in defense and was changed to protect him after the break. He participated in three of the four goals. He already has 16 goals.

Zubimendi: He always played what he wanted. He cut everything in the medullary and with the ball he was infallible. The future is yours.

Port: He doesn’t understand ‘garbage minutes’. He fights everything and always. He came out 4-0 and scored the fifth, but it was canceled for offside. He was also able to score in the final stretch.

Roberto López: Minutes to continue growing. He tried his luck from outside the area.

Bautista: He fought a lot, but without much clarity in attack. He lacked scoring chances.

Zaldua: Final minutes in which he had to defend rather than attack.

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