Reaction. The President said there are journalists who need to be “treated by a psychiatrist.”

It is not the first time that the President has questioned journalists for articles or critical questions Credit: Presidency

President Alberto Fernandez He said Thursday that there are “journalists who need to be treated by a psychiatrist,” expressing their anger at comments critical of his administration and accusing them of wanting to “divide.”

It is not the first time that the President reacts against journalists or the media, when he is upset by a question or by the content of an article. Last month, in an interview with channel A24 and he spoke, Alberto Fernández was consulted about the insecurity and gave a controversial response to the journalist Javier Díaz, who spoke of his own feeling of “fear” when being on the street. “With your feelings what I recommend is that you talk to the psychologist,” said the president.

Months ago, President Alberto Fernández shared a message on his personal Twitter account that contained an insult against the journalist Jonatan Avenue. Hours later, Fernández deleted the tweet and assured that it was “an involuntary mistake.” It was about a tweet that Dante López Foresi, director of the Agencia El Vigía portal, wrote in which he described Viale as “chubby milky.” “The milky chubby says in A24 that Alberto Fernández ‘clings to quarantine because of the polls’. Either they did not understand the seriousness of what is happening or they are very bad people. And you cannot be a good journalist being bad people,” said López Foresi. Fernández’s outburst motivated the opposition’s rejection at that time.

However, after that outburst, President Alberto Fernández again used his Twitter account to question a journalist. The head of state retweeted an edited video that ridicules questions from Diego Leuco to the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, during a part of the interview he gave the day before yesterday at El Trece. The video, which was broadcast by the user @Herezeq and went viral on the networks, intersperses the official’s responses to the journalist with images and sounds of fist bumps. In that section of the report, Cafiero and Leuco maintained a crossing for the crime of Fabian Gutierrez, Cristina Kirchner’s former private secretary who testified against her in the case of the notebooks.

This Thursday, the President said that he had read articles that argued that he had punished the Buenos aires city in the distribution of the Russian vaccine. “We distribute the vaccine according to the number of inhabitants that each province has,” he said and maintained that the city of Buenos Aires “was the second or third” in the number of vaccines delivered. “They said that Alberto punished the city of Buenos Aires and (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta. Why do they say I punished her? Because she supposedly has more doctors than other parts of the country. I can’t believe it. That vocation to divide. What you need those journalists need you to serve them a psychiatrist“, expressed the President, in dialogue with Radio 10.

“Please stop dividing us, when we were united we were able to give everything together in the fight against the coronavirus; the newspapers do the impossible so that that does not happen,” he insisted. Without naming names, the President also accused journalists of being “spokesmen” for “economic power.”

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