Raymundo Collins on investigations against him

The former head of the Housing Institute, Raymundo Collins, described as a personal revenge of the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, the persecution and investigation against him.

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, on Radio Fórmula, he pointed out that he has no home, his bank accounts are insured and that he has a arrest warrant undue, “I know they are looking for two or three other things, because the lady wants to see me behind bars.”

“After a year and 16 days I have not gone on the air to make any comments on this legal circumstance that the government of Mexico Cityor head against me. It is a personal revenge that has had no limits, that has had no more than invented legal grounds … There has been an absolute and brutal persecution against me and I can’t mention more than the head of the Government of Mexico City“, said Collins.

He specified that on January 14 and March 18 the address where he lived was made known to the Public Ministry, despite the fact that it is public, and that it has received acknowledgments; He added that “it is a lie what they say they did not know, that they could not summon me and that I have not responded to the questions to which I was summoned.”

The former secretary of security of the CDMX stated that it is legally available and will begin to respond to the accusations against you.

“It is a revenge, everything they have done, what I have related is visible. They took away my permission to carry my arms, they took away my bodyguards, they took away my house, they took my bank accounts, they took away my freedom, they took away my opportunity to walk freely like any Mexican.

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“I’m not hiding so much, but I’m not going to allow these people to put me in jail and kill me as they think, as they say,” he said.

Collins blamed “Claudia Sheinbaum and Omar Garcia Harfuch“.

Regarding the Fourth Transformation, the former CDMX Secretary of Public Security pointed out that the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has all his respect because he worked with him, “he is a man of integrity and trust; my lawsuit at this time is the one with the head of Government ”.

Federal judge grants amparo to Raymundo Collins

This Mars, it was reported that after a federal judge granted an amparo to the former head of the Housing Institute, Raymundo Collins Flores, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, commented that it is not about protection for detentionn, if not, he is requesting that a series of previous hearings be held before the arrest warrant is issued.

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“Today in the security cabinet, the Attorney General, in this case is the one who has to report on the issue, but reported in the cabinet that this protection, is not that it prevents his arrest, but that he is requesting before of the arrest warrant, in the case of a crime, do the interview first, “he said.

EL UNIVERSAL reported that at less 23 former officials of the past administration have processes open against him; some of them have been detained by the local Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), while others are fugitives from justice.

In the document “Criminal Procedures for Crimes Committed by Public Servants”, consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, the names of each of the ex-Mancerista officials and the number of investigation folders against them are listed.


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