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Raúl Jiménez and the almost five months out of competition

Since the injury he suffered in November against Arsenal, Raúl Jiménez has not played and here we summarize how the months have been for the Mexican and his team

Raúl Jiménez had a skull injury that stopped his good moment almost five months ago; However, the Wolverhampton striker is getting closer and closer to returning to the pitch and being the benchmark that the Premier League team needs to return to compete in good form in the English championship.

On November 29, 2020, life changed for the national battering ram. A head collision with David Luiz in the game against Arsenal caused a skull fracture that required surgery that same night in London.

Since then, 23 games have gone and counting those that Jiménez has missed with the team led by Nuno Espirito Santo. His return is not clear and although the diagnoses are favorable every day, the Wolves are clear that they should not rush their situation.

“He has started jogging and doing physical work in the gym, as well as on the treadmill. We cannot specify a time, hopefully things continue to improve and I can join the group, ”said Nuno on January 21, almost two months after the crash.

Despite everything, on December 10, Raúl went to see his teammates at Sir Jack Hayward’s training center, located in Compton Park, where the team’s facilities are located.

The images that gave hope about the return of the forward were on January 29, when he did gym work for the first time since the head clash. The Mexican began with differentiated work and strength exercises.

Little by little he rejoined the rest of his teammates and on February 23 did work with the ball. By March 12, he was on par with the team in most sessions and was continuing to regain strength with gym workouts.

I am totally confident (that he will play this campaign). We have to be very aware of the circumstances and avoid any kind of contact. He has participated in the initial part of the training sessions, “said the coach of the English team in February.

Under this tenor, the Portuguese helmsman trusted the work of the ‘Lobo de Tepeji’, but with the precaution of not risking it so that he could be one hundred percent on the subject of physical and mental for the high performance competition.

“Little by little he has made progress and has shown everyone that he is ready, but we must be patient and follow medical protocols. We cannot be 100 percent sure when he will return, but the signs are positive,” added Nuno. at the press conference prior to the match against West Ham on April 5.

Jiménez not only missed Premier League games, but his absence was key to Wolves losing a place in the FA Cup as they were eliminated in the fifth round by Southampton.

Raúl’s immediate future is unknown. With the Wolves far from fighting for European places, and with eight games to go before the Premier League ends, the ideal thing may be for him to work in the preseason for the following season and thus gain the confidence to return to the maximum competition.

In the meantime, Jiménez is getting closer to returning, a situation that excites the English team and the same player, who is the second Mexican with the highest market value in the world with a value of 35 million euros.

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