The ESPN analyst said that the whistling Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán and the VAR have given a “show” in the duel between Zorros and Xolos

GUADALAJARA – About minute 19, Jeremy Marquez, of Atlas, received a stomp inside the area by Christian Rivera, from Just, so the hissing, Jorge Antonio Pérez Duran, determined to mark the penalty for the rojinegro team, after reviewing the play through the VAR.

After the referee waited for the indication of the VAR assistants, the ESPN analyst, Felipe Ramos Rizo He described as a “show” the lack of determination on the part of the arbitration body, not knowing whether or not there was a penalty.

“They have been 6 minutes in a single play, good show from the referees,” he expressed through his twitter account.

After marking the penalty, Ignacio Malcorra He was in charge of collecting the shot from 11 steps, however, the goalkeeper of Xolos, Jonathan Orozco saved the red and black charge to avoid the second goal of the match.

Before Orozco’s save, the VAR assistants indicated to the central referee that the Xolos goalkeeper went ahead of the goal line during his save, however, when he tried to repeat the charge, it was identified that some elements of the red-black team entered the area during, so there was no repeat.

After the ruling and the non-repetition of the penalty, the ex-referee again considered that justice was done for the whole of Xolos.

“Justice, Atlas fails a non-existent criminal,” he said Felipe Ramos Rizo on your twitter account.