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Ramos Rizo: “It’s not a penalty, he hits Hernández on the shoulder”

The ESPN arbitration analyst does not agree with the marking of the penalty with which America equaled the score

The first goal of America was marked by a controversy over an alleged hand made by the Pachuca player, Jorge Hernández, who deflected a shot with the shoulder and the sleeve area of ​​the shirt, which is not counted as ‘hand’.

The former Mexican referee and analyst ESPN, Felipe Ramos Rizor, he mentioned that such action cannot be awarded a penalty in favor of the azulcrema team.

“This is not a penalty, he hits Hernández on the shoulder”, he mentioned on his Twitter account.

The team from Hidalgo was at that time up in the field with a goal in the first minutes from Felipe Pardo.

From the 11 steps the Colombian Roger Martínez managed to equalize the score when charging in the middle of Óscar Ustari’s goal.

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