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Ramos Rizo considers that Aldo Rocha should have been expelled

The former international referee for Mexico and now an ESPN analyst, considered Rocha’s entry on Brizuela, as a play that deserved a direct red

In the final part of the first half of the Clásico Tapatío, Aldo Rocha was late on a play and ended in a hard tackle on Issac Brizuela, which is why central referee Fernando Hernández Gómez sanctioned with a yellow card.

In the 44th minute in an exit from Guadalajara, Isaac Brizuela received the ball and after trying to advance, Aldo Rocha arrived late to the play and hit the Chivas player, so the central referee decided only to sanction with a yellow card .

After analyzing the play in the replay, Former referee and now ESPN analyst, Felipe Ramos Rizo pointed out through his account Twitter that the infraction of the captain of the Atlas on Brizuela was worthy of a red card, reason for which he criticized the central collegiate for their determination.

“Rocha is saved from the red card min 44, Fernando Hernández very passive,” he highlighted through his account Twitter.

Given the closeness of the meeting between the two teams, Fernando Hernández Gómez, has had a complicated job, since on at least three occasions there have been hard tackles by the rojinegro team, which have been sanctioned with a yellow card.

In the same way, the blows and the hard tackles have been presented in the match by both teams, a situation for which Chivas has constantly complained during the match about the permissive work of Fernando Hernández during the match.

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