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Rally Sierra Morena 2021: victory for ‘Rocket’, which begins dominating

The Spanish Rally Championship It has started, this time, with asphalt and gravel tests. The Rally Sierra Morena 2021 It has been the test that has kicked off this new season. And here, in Córdoba, José Antonio Suárez, co-driven by Alberto Iglesias, has dominated from start to finish, achieving a valuable victory that helps him forget that bitter end of last season and rising as the favorite, the rival to beat in this .

The Asturian has not given respite, managing to be the fastest in eight of the nine stages of the Andalusian test. The only one who has given him war has been Surhayen Pernía, but an error has left him out: “In the first section of the second stage in a fast zone I came out along a curve and the car hit a manhole, damaging the radiators. It was my mistake, but I was not going crazy. Annoying, because an incident that in any other corner remains as an anecdote, here we have had the misfortune to find that happy chest and it is all over. The pity is that we were fighting for the victory, I was strong and I stayed on the road. In addition, in that section he was setting the best time at the intermediate point, two seconds better than Suárez. But this is so. Now we have to recover and head to Lorca, our next appointment, with more enthusiasm if possible, “said the Cantabrian from Hyundai.

Worse luck has been for Iván Ares, who was only able to cover three kilometers in the 2021 Sierra Morena Rally when the left rear axle of his i20 broke. “The rallies are like that. You never know when something is going to happen, and it was a shame, because we were really looking forward to this first rally of the year, with expectations of achieving a good result and everything fell apart just three kilometers from the start. Left rear drive shaft broke. We do not know the reason because it was new. It was impossible to continue and we decided not to continue because we were going to lose a lot of time and we had all the lost options. We also decided not to re-engage because for two months we will not return to the asphalt, and now the best thing is to reset and prepare well for our next appointment in Lorca, doing more kilometers on the ground ”, declared the Galician.

The second position of the podium has been achieved Jan Solans, which has been released with the C3 and with which it has achieved the scratch in the TC Plus, with the extra points that this entails -the only section that has yielded ‘Rocket‘-. The Catalan finished 38.8 behind Suárez. Good mark in his debut both with Citroën and with the co-driver Rodrigo Sanjuán, and more after the puncture suffered when touching a guardrail.

Third has ended Javier Pardo, who with his Suzuki Swift finished 2: 54.2 behind the Asturian and ahead of his teammate, Joan Vinyes, fourth.

The next test will be the Tierras Altas de Lorca Rally, in Murcia, an event that will take place on April 23 and 24.

Final classification Rally Sierra Morena 2021

  1. Suarez-Iglesias (Skoda Fabia), 1:26:33
  2. Solans-Sanjuán (Citroën C3), at 38.8
  3. Pardo-Pérez (Suzuki Swift), a 2:54.2
  4. Vinyes-Mercader (Suzuki Swift), at 3: 12.4
  5. Vilariño-Noriega (Skoda Fabia), at 4: 06.7

Spanish championship classification

  1. José Antonio Suárez, 37 points
  2. Jan Solans, 33
  3. Javier Pardo, 27

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