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Radical leader Raúl Baglini died | I was 71 …

Former radical senator Raúl Baglini died this morning at the age of 71, after being hospitalized four times in 2020 and after maintaining a delicate state of health.

Baglini died at 3 a.m., according to his family, who clarified that he did not have coronavirus.

The news about the death of the former senator, who turned 71 on December 23, was announced by radical deputy Mario Negri on his Twitter account.

Baglini was a deputy on the return to democracy in 1983 and until 1993 and a senator between 2001 and 2003, at the same time that he was the author of a recognized theorem that bears his name and that maintains that the degree of responsibility of the proposals of a party or political leader is directly proportional to their chances of accessing power.

A lawyer by profession, during his work as a legislator, he supported the management of radical president Raúl Alfonsín, and then he was a strong opponent of his successor, Carlos Menem.

Baglini was also president of his party’s caucus, president of the Budget and Finance Committee, and vice president of the Chamber. In addition, he chaired the National Convention of the UCR, was a candidate for governor of Mendoza and also participated in the negotiation of the “mega-swap” of the country’s foreign debt, supporting the initiative of then-president Fernando de la Rúa.

In 2010, the radical leader decided to actively withdraw from politics, after suffering a strong peak of stress that complicated his health.

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