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Rachid suggested closing the borders for the new strain – A morning for all

“Two weeks ago we have been discussing with the committee of experts of the Governor of Buenos Aires, and we all agree that we must defend health, not care for the disease,” said Jorge Rachid, infectious disease doctor (MP 42,547) to Chain 3.

“It is the young people who end up infecting their parents and grandparents, they are the ones who have relaxed the most. That is why I propose a total closure of borders and a ‘touch of life’ instead of a curfew “, he indicated.

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“It is a political decision that exceeds me, but it is being seriously analyzed, because the incidence is clear: Before we had three or four people in ICU for every 100 infections, then it dropped to one or two, but in 15 days we are going to have an explosion of cases“, he pointed.

He stressed that the vaccines are to “prevent deaths or hospitalizations,” but not infections. “We have a nationwide mapping, with an intermittent ‘red button’ of the 10 areas with the most infections. I propose a total closure of borders and a curfew from 22 to 6“said the infectologist.

“I ask the Government as an advisor to take the necessary measures, especially since Chile and Brazil already have the new strain,” he added.

However, he assured that “it is something multifaceted.” “It is not just a ‘relaxation’ of the people. It is an attack perpetuated by the media, just as it was towards quarantine and towards the vaccine,” he said.

In this sense, stressed that “all vaccines are safe” and that there was a “systemic attack on Sputnik V”. “There is also a power struggle between pharmaceutical companies. Now if you read the leaflet for ibuprofen or paracetamol, no one else takes them,” he said.

He further stated that the vaccination plan “can remove 6 million Argentines from the risk of death and hospitalization” and that the idea is to achieve it “before autumn begins”. However, he assured that “until June or July we will not have 70% of the population vaccinated.”

One morning for everyone interview.

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