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Quito League wins 3-1 to Vélez with a double from Martínez Borja

The ‘King’ was finally able to add his first victory in the Copa Libertadores after beating Vélez Sarsfield 3-1 for Group G of the Copa Libertadores. Liga de Quito went ahead with a goal from the ‘parce’ Martínez Borja who scored at minute 28 ‘and at minute 53’ the other goal was scored by Matías Zunino at 64 ‘. The discount was put by the Chilean Pablo Galdames at 42 ′.

In the first half, the albos generated more options to score but suffered despite being locals at Rodrigo Paz Delgado. The visitors put the Ecuadorian defense in trouble where once again Gabbarini was the savior of the goal after Juan Lucero’s attacks.

Liga couldn’t find his game in the first 25 minutes when Gabbarini was in trouble after a missed shot from Lucas Janson. The game was a round trip where LDU tried to reach the wings, but on the backlash, Vélez was dangerous.

At minute 28 ′, Christian Martínez Borja scored the first with a precise header after a corner kick from Billy Arce. That first goal from the Colombian could give confidence to the Ecuadorian team who raised their level of play despite the rain that hit the capital.

After several shots and approaches by the Argentine team, the tie with Pablo Galdames came with a shot inside the area.

In the second half, the double came from Martínez Borja with a precise shot from the left, after a hook and to finish the match, the Uruguayan Matías Zunino appeared to score the third taking advantage of a rebound from the defense.

Liga with his victory accumulates four points and is in second place behind Flamengo who has six. The albos came to this match after the tie on the first date against Unión La Calera, in Chile, while Vélez lost at home to Flamengo from Brazil.

Both clubs will play again, but in Argentina, on May 13, 2021

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